The YouthScan Project


Youth know the issues in their schools and communities three years before adults. This project seeks to tap into this insightful perspective on a meaningful scale to help inform decision-making across our great state. The immediate and rapidly changing needs related to COVID-19 make it even more critical that we’re able to respond to emerging needs more quickly.

The YouthScan Project takes high school students through a self-guided curriculum to conduct a Community Needs Assessment. Over five sessions, students use research, surveys, and interviews to select what they see as the top issue(s) facing youth in their community. The program is 100% self-guided and requires no support from teachers or schools.

Our team will compile all the data and funnel that information up to decision-makers across philanthropy, government, and education. The wider community gets real-time info on emerging needs facing youth. The information that will help target programs, funds, and initiatives to where they will make the biggest impact.

Young people already have this knowledge. The YouthScan Project simply taps into their insight at a meaningful scale to elevate youth voice.


YouthRoots has been guiding high school students through community needs assessments since 2010. We are curriculum specialists in the areas of community change and philanthropic leadership. The YouthScan Project curriculum expands upon the first portion of our core programming – Conduct a community needs assessment.

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