Did you know that students know the issues facing youth three years before adults? YouthRoots taps into the unique perspective, passion, and skillset that youth bring to the world by empowering them to become engaged citizens now.

The mission of YouthRoots is “Unleashing the power of youth to change the world.” We operate at the intersection of leadership and philanthropy. Philanthropy is an amazing experiential classroom to teach young people the skills to change the world while making tangible change in their communities.

YouthRoots operates a variety of programs under this umbrella:


Launched in 2010, the YouthBoard Program is our first and oldest program. It uses a unique 3-step philanthropic process intertwined with a robust leadership curriculum to teach teens the skills to make an impact. Each YouthBoard is a mini foundation working to tackle the biggest needs in their community. Learn more.


Groups of 8-12 students from anywhere come together virtually to tackle an issue they care about. The YouthCharge Program is 100% hands-on and driven by the students involved in the program.  Change the world from anywhere! Learn more.


YouthEd is a program in philanthropic leadership designed for the classroom. It is aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards and the Common Core, and brings an easy and impactful way to implement project-based learning and community impact into the classroom. Learn more.

The YouthScan Project

The YouthScan project is an initiative to tap into the unique perspective of youth at the statewide scale with the end goal of targeting limited resources to where they are needed most. Learn more.

GIV Fellowship

The GIV Fellowship is a paid internship opportunity for young people (18-24) to learn about the field of philanthropy, including grantmaking processes, impact investing, the nonprofit community, community engagement and more. The fellowship will primarily serve youth from communities underrepresented in the field of philanthropy. Learn more.

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