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I’m Mateo Brown and an issue that is important to me is equal funding for primary and secondary schools to ensure that all students will be able to set a foundation for their life. Something that I wish others knew is that pickles are awful!

I have been in many leadership activities, I care most about inequality, to say the least, and I wish people knew I’m not as mean as I look

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado with hopes to travel the world one day. Also, I absolutely love dumplings! The largest issue for me is the human rights violations being done by people with authority. We must help each other!

I am Nicole, a senior at Cherokee Trail High School. I play tennis and volunteer as a small group leader.

My name is Emily Nguyen and I am a senior in high school. One issue that’s really important to me is child abuse. Abuse isn’t just physical, but it’s also emotional, and I feel as though that’s not showcased enough in the media.

Me: Senior at CU Boulder majoring in Computer Science. #1 Issue: Education because quality education creates many opportunities. Something to know: My long-term goals are to work in the education nonprofit space.

Hi! My name is Selihom Yosief and I’m a current senior in high school. I am deeply passionate about racial equity in all institutions (education, healthcare, politics, etc) and I love Marvel/DC movies.

The 2020-2021 cohort is currently assessing community needs. The group’s impact statement is: “We are supporting students in underrepresented communities that face inequities in education, mental health, healthcare disparities, and mass incarceration.” Check back here in a few months for more information on the group’s funding priorities. In the meantime, get involved by donating or volunteering!

2020-2021 Impact

Educational equity

Health disparities

Mass incarceration

Mental health

Coming in February 2021!

  • Coming in February 2021!
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