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I’m Mateo Brown and an issue that is important to me is equal funding for primary and secondary schools to ensure that all students will be able to set a foundation for their life. Something that I wish others knew is that pickles are awful!

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado with hopes to travel the world one day. Also, I absolutely love dumplings! The largest issue for me is the human rights violations being done by people with authority. We must help each other!

I am Nicole, a senior at Cherokee Trail High School. I play tennis and volunteer as a small group leader.

My name is Emily Nguyen and I am a senior in high school. One issue that’s really important to me is child abuse. Abuse isn’t just physical, but it’s also emotional, and I feel as though that’s not showcased enough in the media.

Me: Senior at CU Boulder majoring in Computer Science. #1 Issue: Education because quality education creates many opportunities. Something to know: My long-term goals are to work in the education nonprofit space.

Hi! My name is Selihom Yosief and I’m a current senior in high school. I am deeply passionate about racial equity in all institutions (education, healthcare, politics, etc) and I love Marvel/DC movies.

The 2020-2021 cohort assessed the community needs and chose 4 issues to fundraise around. The group’s impact statement is: “We are supporting students in underrepresented communities that face inequities in education, mental health, healthcare disparities, and mass incarceration.” Check below for more information on the group’s funding priorities, total amount raised, and grant winners!

2020-2021 Impact

Educational equity

Health disparities

Mass incarceration

Mental health


The Greenway Foundation

Period Kits

Download the Race/Equity B board’s grant & impact report here.

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