YouthCharge – Race/Equity A Board


My name is Akshita Kakumanu, and I’m a junior at Cherry Creek High School. I love dance, art, and the outdoors. I am passionate about race/equity because I’ve seen it firsthand. I’m very excited to make a difference through this board!

I am a Junior at Niwot High School. I actively protest for equality such as Black Lives Matter and the Women’s March. I think everyone deserves respect no matter their circumstances.

I am a dog-lover, skier, volleyball player, and an avid traveler. I am passionate about mental health because it affects everyone.

Hello, I’m Mia! I’m a huge advocate for mental health, and am working understand and calling others out on the racial injustices in America today. I love baking and writing poetry and stories. I wish people knew that I am empathetic and kind.

As an American with roots from India, I have grown up to realize how important it is to address racial inequality and equity. I’d like to tell the world that while everybody is different, we are all humans that require fair treatment.

The 2020-2021 cohort assessed the community needs and chose 2 issues to fundraise around. The group’s impact statement is: “Striving towards a balance of equity between different racial and ethnic groups.” Check below for more information on the group’s funding priorities, total amount raised, and grant winners!

2020-2021 Impact

Racial equity and justice for the Black and African American communities

Racial and ethnic disparities in education


GRASP – Gang Rescue and Support Project

Download the Race/Equity A board’s impact & grant report here.

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