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My name is Nimah Aziam, and I’m an 8th grader at MPCS. I would say the #1 issue I currently care about is racial equality. My ethnic background is Moroccan and Native American, so my family and I have dealt with racial inequality before.

I like reading, sports, and fashion. An issue I care about is mental health in teens because schools care more about grades and test scores than the students’ mental health. Something I wish people knew is that I like making clothes.

I love art & music, care a lot about Black Lives Matter because of police brutality, and I wish people knew I’ve been through many struggles and am excited to live my life.

My name is Akshita Kakumanu, and I’m a junior at Cherry Creek High School. I love dance, art, and the outdoors. I am passionate about race/equity because I’ve seen it firsthand. I’m very excited to make a difference through this board!

I am a Junior at Niwot High School. I actively protest for equality such as Black Lives Matter and the Women’s March. I think everyone deserves respect no matter their circumstances.

I am a dog-lover, skier, volleyball player, and an avid traveler. I am passionate about mental health because it affects everyone.

My name is Mayah Omar, and I am a 15-year old female attending Highlands Ranch High School. I was born in New Jersey and raised in Colorado for 13 years. My parents are originally from Libya, Africa. I speak English and Arabic fluently and partly speak French and Spanish. In my free time I enjoy dancing, drawing, running, and reading. I am passionate about many things but the most important are being true to myself, empowering/helping others find their passion, being confident in my own judgment & decisions, making this world a peaceful and nondiscriminatory place, and becoming a cardiovascular surgeon.

Hello, I’m Mia! I’m a huge advocate for mental health, and am working understand and calling others out on the racial injustices in America today. I love baking and writing poetry and stories. I wish people knew that I am empathetic and kind.

As an American with roots from India, I have grown up to realize how important it is to address racial inequality and equity. I’d like to tell the world that while everybody is different, we are all humans that require fair treatment.

The 2020-2021 cohort is currently assessing community needs. The group’s impact statement is: “Striving towards a balance of equity between different racial and ethnic groups.” Check back here in a few months for more information on the group’s funding priorities. In the meantime, get involved by donating or volunteering!

2020-2021 Impact

Racial equity and justice for the Black and African American communities

Racial and ethnic disparities in education

Coming in February 2021!

  • Coming in February 2021!
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