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I believe racism is an issue that needs to be solved. It is way past overdue. I want to end that.

My name is Joey Strieby and I am a 10th grader at George Washington High School. I’ve grown up learning about many different issues in this world, and the current most important to me are climate change and environmental conservation and equality for all. I don’t have anything I wish people knew about me except for the fact that when I care about an issue I will do my best to help get it resolved!

Hi! I’m a dancer who cares about climate change because it can hurt our futures. I wish people knew that I’m a very caring & supportive friend.

Hi my name is Catherine. I am a 10th grade this year. I often think of what kind of justice do we need to fulfill everybody. With this thought, I was more aware of my surroundings. I am passionate to the “why” and reasoning to every story. This year is my 5th year living in the U.S. and things have been a rollercoaster. The different culture and lifestyle was confusing at first, but it teaches me about the differ race in this world.

My name is Eva Amin and I am currently a sophomore attending Stargate High School. The number one issue I care about is human rights and fighting for equality for all. In the future I hope to be a businesswoman.

Hi my name is Nathasya. I’m a 12th grade this year. I’m always concert about why can’t everyone accept all type of race, culture and other? Why there have to be the highest race and the lowest race? i just don’t understand because it’s not like we can choose what race we want to be born as, so why is it should be a problem. Everyone have their own thing, people always have goods and bad in their life so why can’t we accept everyone the same. This year is my 4th year in US, I come here knowing nothing about anything here but now a learn a lot and still learning.

My name is Andy Quach and the number 1 issue I care about is cultural appropriation of Asian culture and the newfound racism against Asians during COVID-19. One thing I wished people knew about me is that I have a mullet.

I am someone who is very passionate about justice and equality. My passion is representing the underrepresented and being a voice that demands change. Right now, the biggest issue that I want to focus on is Law Reform. My plan next semester, or my Freshman year of college, is to study Criminal Law/Political Science so that I can be more educated on how laws work, how they are interpreted and how we can change them for the better.

I was taught that everyone in this world should be considered equally important, no matter what their race, color, gender, pronoun, social status, or religion. Our differences should bring us closer together, not divide us because after all; these are the things that make us unique. I want other people to know that I feel very passionate about current and past Race/Equity issues. I wish to feel inspired by playing an active role in contributing to positive and effective changes and moving these issues forward.

My name is Francisca Gelman, and I care about mental health because I think it is a prevalent issue in our society that is widely ignored.

Hi! My name is Maggie Wakelyn and I am a junior at St. Marys Academy. I have lived in Colorado my whole life but my Sophomore year of high school I lived in Valencia, Spain with a host family. I am fluent in Spanish and hope to learn more languages. One issue that is really important to me is gender equality in general. As a female, I have experienced firsthand the effects of gender discrimination and rape culture. One thing I wish people knew about me is that I am a very passionate person, and this applies to everything I do.

The 2020-2021 cohort is currently assessing community needs and fundraising for those needs. The group’s impact statement is: “Our group wants to work to improve the racism/equity present within a school setting in order to help make an impact on minority students while educating the predominant student ethnicity attending Denver public schools.” Check back for more information on the group’s funding priorities. In the meantime, get involved by donating or volunteering!

2020-2021 Impact

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Coming June 2021!

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