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I’m Aakash, and I care about mental health as it is increasingly affecting people. I always want to learn more and seek new experiences.

I’m Senami. I was born in Africa, I love art and music, I’m not a good dancer, I have a lot of thoughts but nowhere to release them, and I am determined to become as self aware as I can. One issue I care about is the safety of young boys and girls in the US because I want everyone to feel safe and protected. I wish people knew that I am just sweet and annoying once you get to know me and I’m not intimidating.

I’m Daphne Erskine. For there to be a light, there must be a dark. Neither can live without the other. Neither can ever overwhelm. For every harsh word, for every bad day, there is a happiness. There is a light. The problem is getting people to see it.

My name is Hafsa Ather. I enjoy skating, painting, and hanging out with my friends. I want to help create a positive change in our community, and make it a better place for everyone.

I am a junior at Englewood High School. I Value education, as I find it as the building block for all other issues we face in our community, if people were properly educated we could progress successfully as a nation. I wish people knew how much an individual, or even a small group can do, it’s all about mentality; with the right mentality anything can happen.

Hi! I’m Alyssa and I love music. I’m very passionate about music and I want music to play a big part in my future. I like to discuss certain issues through music and one of the biggest ones is gun violence. I feel like gun violence is a huge issue in our country and I would love to do what I can to prevent it.

I’m Jalen, I care about teen drug abuse since it changes lives negatively. I wish people knew about me that being in nature re-centers my mind!

Hi my name is Mandy! I am 16 years old. I am passionate about helping those who are having a difficulty with their mental health because I have experience struggling with mine. I love to spread kindness and make people laugh.

The 2021 cohort is currently assessing community needs and fundraising for those needs. The group’s impact statement is: “Spreading awareness to high schoolers on mental illnesses in the US.” Funding priorities will be announced soon! In the meantime, get involved by donating or volunteering!

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Coming June 2021!

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