James’ insight on being part of a 100% youth led program

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What’s your favorite part about YouthCharge?

I think my favorite part about YouthCharge is my group. Initially, I thought I wouldn’t get to know them very well over zoom. However, after talking and chatting for hours, without ever meeting each other in person, I still feel like I know them well now. Working with my groupmates and feeling our group’s excitement every meeting is a really amazing feeling. I’m super excited for future meetings with them, and hopefully seeing them in-person in the future when it’s safe!

What’s it like being in a program that is totally youth led? How have you figured out group dynamics with no adult facilitator?

At first, I was pretty shocked that there would be no adult facilitator. I’ve been in clubs, like student council, where they are youth-led, but an adult was still facilitating. I knew from the first call that there was a lot of trust being placed in me and my group to work together and to make sure that we were all being productive with our time. It felt really cool to be free to do things our own way. I’m so glad that everyone in my group is really hard working and courteous to each other. Even without an adult moderating, we each take responsibility to keep the group safe and welcoming for everyone.

Alyssa HornyakJames’ insight on being part of a 100% youth led program