Youth Council

20 high-school students tackling the community’s biggest issues

Our Process

The Youth Council program is designed to elevate youth voice in the grant decision-making process. Created for foundations or nonprofits who have unique needs around youth philanthropy, Youth Council offers these organizations the opportunity to get youth insight on where grant funding will make the biggest difference in their community. Each Youth Council brings together a group of high schoolers to learn about the grant-making process and use their unique perspective to impact grant-making decisions.

100% Customizable

YouthRoots understands that our YouthBoard program may not be the right fit for every organization looking to engage young people in the grant-making process, which is why we created the customizable Youth Council program. If your foundation or nonprofit has specific timelines or goals that don’t match our YouthBoard program, YouthRoots will work with you to to determine your organization’s needs and create a customized scope to ensure a tailored program that will achieve your organization’s unique goals.

YouthRoots uses our proven 3-step philanthropic process as a starting point before customizing the program. Based on your organization’s needs, we can incorporate different aspects of our other programs into your Youth Council. The program can include curriculum elements such as:

  • Leadership development
  • Creating a grant application
  • Learning about the organization’s grant-making process
  • Completing a needs assessment to determine the biggest issues facing youth and children in the community
  • Distributing funds to organizations youth think are best meeting the community’s needs
  • Customizing around an umbrella issue area such as mental health, student funding, equity, and others

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