Hi, I’m Kian Barker, aspiring illustrator and filmmaker. I care about racial equality, LGTBQ+ rights, and climate change. You can check out my YouTube comedy series at MLQ Productions.

I am Malaya Booth, a junior at Yellow Springs High School. I am passionate about social justice, creating art and photo journalism. My absolute favorite season is Spring because it’s full of green, my favorite color. I also have a grandma aged leopard gecko I love with my whole entire heart!

I care a lot about objectivity and ensuring decisions are made logically. I’m passionate about energy advancements Also I’m a part of our SRB and Speech & Debate team.

Sophia is a senior at Yellow Springs High School who is committed to fighting for social and climate justice and loves creating positive change in her community. She first became interested in philanthropy and community involvement when she joined SPIDEE (Students Promoting Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity through Education) her freshman year. She has since gone on to co-found an environmental club, co-lead and organize weekly local Black Lives Matter Rallies, and become the new student leader of SPIDEE.

Arielle Johnson is a senior at Yellow Springs High School. This past summer she became a youth organizer for the Black Lives Matter movement in Yellow Springs, OH. She co-led these rallies and protests starting in July and is currently planning their return in the spring. She is also a co-founder of the Yellow Springs High School Ecology club.

Hi, I’m Rylee Mckenzie, a Creative Visual Artist. One of my passions is participating in activism for BLM and Climate Change. I also participate in Yellow Springs Varsity Cheer.

Im June Pyles-Treser im am an athlete and i go to McKinney Middle School. One of the main issues i care about is feminisim within sports and i wish people knew i was a girl wrestler who is helping grow the girls wrestling community with both of my parents by my side.

I am Mateen Sajabi, I’m am 14 have two brothers and a mom and dad. I mainly care about BLM because my dad is very integrated in the movement, and my mom is using her position as a youth librarian to teach youth about the struggles of African Americans in America. And I really like to play video games. Basically all weekend I play with my friends. I also like spending time playing basketball with my friends too.

Hi, my name is Samantha Snyder, a senior at YSHS. I care about mental health, climate justice, and social justice. I am a leader in SPIDEE and a Student Representative in SRB. I love animals, photography, the outdoors, and my friends and family. I wish people knew that even though I can be very shy at times I can be a good leader too.

Hi, my name is Marin, I’m 16, I love cheerleading, track, reading, and my friends and family. I care about women’s rights and racial equality. I am also a Leo!

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