The YouthRoots Pledge

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The YouthRoots community is grieving for the loss of George Floyd and the many others who have faced racial injustice throughout history. We pledge to live our responsibility of working toward a just and equitable society.

As an organization, we promise to:

  • Actively work to dismantle racism in our corner of the world and beyond

  • Incorporate and prioritize equity in everything we do

  • Provide a welcoming and safe environment for all people, especially people of color and those from underserved communities

  • Deeply examine ourselves for anything resulting from systemic racism and/or contributing to implicit bias

  • Listen

  • Amplify the voices of those who aren’t being heard

  • Ensure those voices have a seat at the table

  • Celebrate the strength that comes from our diversity

  • Learn, grow, and become a better organization every day

YouthRootsThe YouthRoots Pledge