The Tools that Keep on Building by Tenzing Sherpa

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My experience in YouthRoots has been multifarious regarding the incredible lessons I’ve learned and relationships I’ve made during my participation. I joined YouthRoots in the 2017-18 year during my senior year of high school with hopes of finding a genuinely fulfilling outlet to enrich my community. 

Since then, I’ve attended my first year of college and found myself with the tools possible to engage with my university. During the summer I had the chance to intern, and the experience was nothing short of incredible. 

The 9 am treks to the office have always proved worthwhile. With smiling faces and a warm, “Good Morning!”, this internship has given me the skills I’ll use moving forward. I’ve learned techniques such as writing grants, analyzing data, and reviewing the curriculum. 

As a college student, I’ve found that learning is best done in an environment where you are encouraged to grow and make mistakes. This internship teaches students how to approach difficult tasks with ease and care, making the experience unlike any internship. 

YouthRoots encapsulates the importance of giving back to our communities while building on our relationships with not only our peers and our people, but most importantly, ourselves. YouthRoots supported me in ways I didn’t know I needed and because of this, I have found a reason to come back as an intern. Even in this role, I continued to learn more and more every day.

Alyssa HornyakThe Tools that Keep on Building by Tenzing Sherpa