Summer 2020 Virtual Internship

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Calling all YouthRoots graduates, alumni, and ExCom! Have your summer plans been canceled? Itching for a way to get/stay involved? YouthRoots is offering a Virtual Internship to students everywhere for summer 2020!

YouthRoots is currently exploring creating an entirely virtual program that students can participate in from anywhere across the country. We are in the very early development of what this program would entail, and we invite you to join us as we create this new opportunity! Interns would be working virtually and independently to help create this program from the ground up.

Examples of things you could be working on this summer include:

  • Brainstorming program content that students need in a virtual leadership and philanthropy program – what do we do now that you’d keep? What would you add? What would you get rid of?
  • Researching content and activities online for virtual programming. You’d consider questions like: how do we use technology to teach leadership, passions, strengths, philanthropy, etc. to high schoolers? What are the best methods for engaging youth virtually on these topics and others? What already exists out there that we can use or adapt?
  • Reviewing current session overviews and objectives and determining how new or altered content can fit into the sessions to provide an engaging, fulfilling, valued program for high schoolers.

You would receive intern or volunteer hours for any work you do remotely. Because this is remote work, this internship will be independently-driven: you’ll get out of it what you put into it. We as staff will be here to provide support and guidance throughout the summer, but it will be more of an independent project than a traditional internship experience.

Sound right up your alley? Email erin @ to get involved.

YouthRootsSummer 2020 Virtual Internship