My name is Kyla Carey and I am looking to change the world. I am always inspired by others and work extremely hard to put my best into everything I do. My favorite all-time quote is, “I feel weak, but I know I am strong.” This quote is what keeps me pushing through the hardest of times. I believe that strength comes with experience, so if I was able to overcome one obstacle, I can overcome another.

I am a junior at East High School in Denver and I play hockey and baseball. I like to ski and go to the beach. I also like dogs and have two. I am really excited to help make a difference.

My name is Marina Craven and I am 14 years old. I love to dance, I have been a competition dancer for about 7 years. I go to Golden View Classical Academy which is a charter school in Golden. I will also be a sophomore next year.

I love helping people and I am interested in getting better at helping people in my second year at youth roots. I have done many service projects at Regis, including volunteering at a soup kitchen and a nursing home. I enjoy playing dungeons and dragons and watching parks and recreation. I also love lord of the rings and game of thrones.

Lauren Falicia is a senior at St. Mary’s Academy. She is passionate about sustainable development, human rights, and human connectivity. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and playing the cello.

I am just an ordinary person in the world wanting to take as much opportunities there are to help others because each action may not change the world but it may change someone’s life. Helping someone else feels truly to me and I hope to set an example to others around me to take actions in improving the world we live in. I believe that by helping others, we are also helping ourselves and for whatever good we give out, it comes back to us.

I live in Denver with my Mom, Dad, sister, and my dog, Callie. Through my school, I’m involved in Speech and Debate, Key Club, and Model U.N. In my free time, I love to go hiking, walk my dog, or swim. I play volleyball competitively, and I love to travel and go SCUBA diving when I can.

Hi! I am Sriya, a dancer and a cross country runner. I do both Kuchipudi and Bollywood dance. I more of an introvert, but can be fun and outgoing. I am currently going to be a junior in Cherry Creek High School.

My name is Theron Joseph (TJ) Labrie and I am going into my Senior year of high school. I have grown up believing it was my duty to contribute and make our community better. It is very exciting to be selected as “Community Change Maker.” I am a National Honor Society member, played on my high school Basketball and Golf teams. I enjoy being with my friends, snowboarding and hanging out with my family

I am going to be a senior at Englewood High School and I am an energetic teen who finds joy in helping others. I am passionate about human compassion and helping the world be a better place. In the future I hope to become a teacher so I can make a positive influence in the world. I find myself participating in many activities in school and outside of school, I love meeting new people and learning new things.

An aspiring teen trying to make his biggest dreams come true. I love helping my community because it uplifts and makes my community better.

Talia is a junior at Cherry Creek High School and is so excited for her first year in YouthRoots! She is active on the board of her Jewish youth group (BBYO), CCHS Speech and Debate, NHS, Youth Advisory Board, and many more activities. Her passions include politics, education, helping her community, and binge-watching Netflix.

Benjamin is a senior at Heritage High School. He is a Thespian and plays piano in the Heritage Jazz Band. He got interested in making a positive difference in the world after traveling to Denmark when he was 11 years old as a US Delegate with the Children’s International Summer Village.

I am Finn, and I’m an artist. I’ve cared a lot about art, comics, media, and how art reflects us as human beings. My favorite superhero is Spider-man! I love to have actual conversations about the culture and ideologies around us.

Hi! I’m Dustin, I’m a Senior at Englewood High School. I love running, video games, and community service. Being involved in my school and community is something I love. Wherever I go, I look to fix something or make it better (that totally isn’t a flaw at times).

My name is Grant Webster, I attend Englewood High School. I live in Englewood, Colorado with two giant dogs and a cat. I am an avid reader, I enjoy sailing, running and playing lacrosse. I am apart of my schools band and play the tenor saxophone and bass clarinet. I am outgoing and social, and always looking to have fun!

I’m a junior at Cherry Creek High School. I enjoy sailing, esports, and hiking in my free time. I am involved in debate and play the cello in the school orchestra.

Megan is an outdoorsy young gal from Littleton who loves to talk about kombucha, Maine, and her dog, Kitty. She’s passionate about mental health awareness and the body positivity movement, as well as bullet journaling and homemade granola. Megan is a member of NHS and Outreach Club, a Literary Magazine editor, a varsity swimmer, and spends her free time with her three-legged cat, Bingo. She’s so excited to see what change she can bring to her community to make it a happier, healthier place!

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