Hi, my name is Ahisha! There are many many issues I care about regarding our society, but one that stood out the most in my eyes is the racism affecting all people of color. I wish people knew how much racism affects people’s careers and their lives in general.

One of my #1 issues would be mental health because it’s something I’ve had to seen people struggle with all throughout my life, and I also have been struggling really hard with my mental health since I was little. I wish people knew that I have a deep anxiety talking to people I don’t know but I still do my best to push through it because I also really enjoy being around people and making friends.

I am a black young woman who loves to hear others stories and to connect or help them with their issues, I care about hearing others stories because growing up as a child I did not have that.

I am Brianna Norris I was raised in Colorado I have live here for about ten years. I was born in Utah, I am 15 years old. I really care about drug abuse because it is such and active problem in the younger generation. Something I wish people knew about me I have two dogs.

I am Evan Daly, a freshman at East high school. I care a lot about humanity’s long and short-term effect on the world, other creatures and ourselves. I would like people to know that I am bad at spelling and dislike writing by hand.

I’m Favour, the number 1 issue I care about is the mental health of Africans and I wish people knew how nice I am even if my face doesn’t always show it.

I am Katie, and what defines me is my confidence, my femininity, my strength, my independence, and being a mother. The issue that impacts me the most and what is important to me is postpartum depression and anxiety. So many mothers, young mothers especially, suffer with PPD and anxiety in silence. The stigma behind it causes so much judgement and fear for mother to seek help. I want to change that and help other mothers not be afraid. I wish people understood that I’ve struggled a lot in life but through all the adversity, I overcame it and became the strong woman and mother I am today.

My name is Michelle. I’m a Vietnamese-American High School senior who wishes to learn more about why so many student around my age are suffering from depression and how I can help uplift the community around me to boost awareness of the issue, and how we can help others of that issue!

I am Mystique Sanchez a top issue I care about is depression because I know how hard it can be for someone to ask for help and it’s hard to spot when someone is going through a crisis. Something I wish people knew about me is that I feel like I push myself to be something or someone that is not me.

My name is Mia Coca. I believe to look at myself as a leader, scholar, role model, and reason to smile, I love to make people days and communicate on good and bad things. I think I would be great for this opportunity to provide others with joy on a Thursday and have them look toward to something.

My name is Nia Esposito, I care the most about the under representation of black children.

Hi my name is Travis Parrish, I am a Junior for this school year (22-23), I go to DSST Green Valley Ranch high school. I have a lot of issues that I care about, so I don’t have a #1. But I would say an issue that I care about is teens mental health because I don’t think it’s something that gets looked upon or handled with. I think having that support for teens is really important. Something I wish people knew about me is that I am a really nice and caring person and you should actually get the chance and make the time and effort to actually get to know me for me vs what other people may say about me.

My name is Veneno Quezada Montoya and I’m a Chicano Activist for The People and higher education and decolonization of the Latinx Population.

I am Xavier. I am 16 years old. The #1 issue that I care about is expanding my knowledge on mental health.

I am a leader or will be someday. The #1 issue I wanna talk about is drug abuse & mental health problems. I wish people knew I am just like them.

Hello😃, My name is Zakira and I am 14 years old. I go by She/Her. An Issue that I care about is mental health issues like anxiety as well as depression. This is because these are the more common things we see daily in our communities and it could include our close loved ones. Something I want people to know about me is that I am super open  minded and optimistic, I will not judge you for your opinions and what your beliefs are.

My name is Zuhra Momin,  I am from Afghanistan and have lived in the United States for almost 7 years. Reading and volleyball are two of my hobbies. I would define myself as adaptable and resourceful, constantly learning something new in and out of school. The #1 issue I care about would probably be global warming/ world hunger this is because these two issues are very significant due to how much affect it has over us. Something I wish people knew about me would be that I am a hard worker and leader no matter the situation.

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