The biggest issue I care about are the secondary effects of climate change. I believe it’s critical to focus on the impact of human consumption, besides fossil fuel usage, on ecosystems and environments across the world.

I’m a sophomore at Rock Canyon. I love trying new things and building on my experiences. I care about access to education and health as I believe these are fundamental to society. I’m passionate about environmental issues as well.

As a George Washington High School Sophomore, I’m involved in the IB program, student leadership, soccer and Speech & Debate. I am a returning member of YouthRoots and I’m looking forward to taking a leadership role as an Ex-Com. The issue I’m most passionate about is the mental health challenges facing youth. Today, teen stress is at an all-time high because of academic pressure, social media and many other factors. Something I wish people knew about me is that I am open-minded and I have an interest in science.

I am Francesca Bolastig, an 11th grader from Cherry Creek High School. Something I wish more people knew about me is that I have an appreciation for ballet. An issue that pikes my passion to a substantial degree is the importance of regarding mental health. Many could be facing the same issues that stem from varieties of different events in each’s lives, so I firmly believe that keeping a continuous array of resources available to communities would strengthen each individual’s will to persevere in struggling times.

Hi! My name is Muskaan Saxena and I am a junior at Cherry Creek High School! One issue I really care about is mental health because I think many people struggle with it but just don’t care enough to take care of themselves. Other than that I like to paint and make crafts!

My name is Opal Kelly and I am 14 years old. My pronouns are she/her, and I am very passionate about the LGBTQ+ community as it is something very personal to me, and I feel that people normalize discrimination against it and people don’t feel comfortable with who they are. I also want to focus around helping others feel accepted, and not alone as people may not feel like they have someone to turn to. One thing I wish people knew about me was that I love to know about others and really enjoy helping others who are in need.

Hi! My name is Riya Veettil and I am a sophomore! I am very passionate about climate change and global warming as we only have one planet to live on!

My name is Sarah Woody and I’m a junior at St. Mary’s Academy. I am beyond excited to be a part of Youth Roots and help make a difference in my community. I’m passionate about spreading awareness about mental health issues. I love to be there for my friends, family, and community!

My name is Shiven Saxena and I care the most about the environment. In my free time I like to play chess.

I am a senior who loves concerts, traveling, and college football. The number one issue I care about is mental health because it affects such a large chunk of people. I want people to know how determined I am.

I am Vy Phan, and right now I am worried about the lack of mental health awareness for students who’re going through so much trying to adjust to normal life again. I’ve been told i’m really hard to approach but I am actually really friendly.

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