I am Zachary Wrightsman. I am a junior at Lincoln High School. The number one issue I care about is Environmentally friendly practices. I like the earth and most of the things that live there so I would prefer to keep it as habitable as possible. I enjoy naturey things such as climbing, hiking, and hammocking.

I’m Rachel Bruggeman and the issue I care most about is environmental preservation. I love being outside and enjoying nature, and I can’t imagine where I would be without the peace and fulfillment it has given me so dependably. I hope my future children don’t have to imagine it either. I wish (but also don’t wish) people knew that I also have mental health struggles and some things can be very hard for me.

I’m Ellie Shane, a senior at LHS. The main current issue that I’m focused on is the need for more tools and education for teens to prepare for their future. The primary motivation for my focus on this issue is my personal accounts of peers failing to reach their highest potential because they lack goals and mentorship. That said, I wish people knew that I am truly invested in changing the world one action, one person, and one day at a time.

I am Taylor Johnson, an outgoing, positive person. I love surrounding myself with people with the same values and hobbies as me, and push myself to learn more as I grow. The #1 issue I care about is mental health awareness, partially because I have struggled with it myself, but also because I think it’s extremely important for everyone to have a safe environment to share their struggles. I wish more people knew that I love organization and planning.

I’m a junior at Roosevelt High School. I compete in Varsity Public Forum Debate and serve as the president-elect of student council. One of my main hobbies is to take care of tropical plants.

I’m Laura Santos-Elvires, I’m a Sophomore at Washington High School in Sioux Falls South Dakota. The #1 issue that I care about is racial discrimination. I care about this issue because as a daughter of Salvadoran immigrants I know what it’s like to look different, talk different, and be treated differently. I’ve been discriminated in stores, school, and even in the streets of my own neighborhood. Something that I wish people knew about me is that I participated in the South Dakota Voices for Peace Cohort of Courage program over the summer, and was interviewed on a local news station.

My name is Kirsten McFarling, my main focus is mental illness awareness because it can be life-threatening, and I want people to know that they are safe with me.

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2021-2022 Impact

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Coming Spring 2022!

Coming Spring 2022!

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