Hi, My name is Abigail Elliott, but I go by Abby. I’m a 14-year-old freshman at steamboat springs high school. The number one issue that I care about is woman’s rights. With unequal pay and reproductive rights being stripped, I would love to grow up in a world where I make the same pay as a man and have the same rights as a male. Something I wish people would know about me because I’m currently studying sign language and Spanish.

I’m 16 and passionate about LGBTQ+ advocacy because of my personal experiences. I hope people understand I’m more than just a gay trans guy.

I am a freshman at SSHS and I am interested in YouthRoots because I am concerned about global warming and want to take action. Global warming is an issue that is coming faster than we perceive, and it will completely change the world around us. If we don’t educate on global warming, future generation will not grow up to enjoy the world like I do today. I am very active and enjoy the outdoors. I love to go backpacking, paddle-boarding, hiking, skiing, zip-lining, and I play competitive lacrosse and soccer.

My name is Lyla Baker. I care about nature and how we can adapt our community to meet environmental needs. I love to write and play tennis.

My name is Madison Mohn and I love to dance ballet, travel the world, write, and take photos. An issue that I care deeply about is helping our community, especially the children in our town. I’m involved with organizations such as the Child Advocacy Center to help make a difference for the kids in our community. Something I wish people knew about me is that I’m a good writer, and I think this skill will be very useful in helping me to write grants for philanthropic purposes.

I will be a sophomore at SSHS next year. I feel that one of the most utilized public parks, Bear River, is also one of the most underserved/funded. There is no shade or other simple amenities.

My name is Ocean Brown. I love dance, math, science, and getting involved within my community. One issue I care deeply about is the human impact on the natural world. This is a topic that needs to be addressed because it is affecting our entire planet. A fun fact about me is that my middle name is Storm!

I am a very passionate person and I would love to make a change in the community through this program. I have a hard time choosing a number one issue but a few I am thinking are providing mental health support to teens and young adults in our community. I would also like to address some sustainability and waste diversion issues in out tourism based town. One thing I wish people knew about me is that I love literature and the outdoors.

My #1 issue is equity in education because it’s how people become critical thinkers making change in society, but unequal access defeats that.

The 2022-2023 Routt County cohort is currently fundraising for their chosen community needs! See their needs below and get involved by donating or volunteering!

2022-2023 Impact

Suicide Prevention

Healthy Relationships

Coming Spring 2023!

Coming Spring 2023!

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