Nandhana reflects on the power of our uniqueness

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There would be no need for Equity board if we were all made in an industry molded on an assembly line. Fortunately we were all made unique, by a machine that is also unique. Every unique life walks on this earth in its own unique path, facing unique struggles and experiences. This uniqueness is special and must be celebrated to achieve our Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Together our uniqueness should contribute to our social and economic integration. 

Rising inequality not only destroys our uniqueness, and will pull society backwards into the days when people were using bullock carts to travel. As a brown American Indian growing up in our privileged country I realize our greatness comes from our appreciation of differences. I like to pitch in my uniqueness to spread awareness and contribute to our greatness. YouthRoots gives us as youth the opportunity to make a change. As I continue to participate in this program, I have the tools available to make the changes I want to see in society. 

Alyssa HornyakNandhana reflects on the power of our uniqueness