A Part of Something Bigger

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2020 has been a very wild year for everyone, including me. As a result, I was often home bored and missed the social interaction that COVID had taken from me. When I heard about YouthCharge from my school, I thought it would be an interesting way for me to do service hours and meet new people, so I signed up. 

The experience that I have had with YouthCharge in the past couple of months is something that I have never had before. First, it was led by youth and adults were only supervisors. I have always been told that youth have the power to change the world, but YouthCharge is one of the first places that truly demonstrated that belief. We had to research, plan, and write our goals completely on our own, something that I have never really had to do. 

This program has taught me so many practical skills that we are not taught generally. I learned how to communicate my ideas professionally and more about how to manage and conduct non-profit projects. Every time I meet for YouthCharge, I feel like I am always learning something and being part of something bigger, a feeling that I have found makes me very joyous.

Alyssa HornyakA Part of Something Bigger