Hi! I’m Rhea Alexander. I am a hardworking and passionate student who loves swimming and dance. I would like to think of myself as funny, but I guess that’s up to others. I love helping people and it makes me genuinely happy.

Student at GLA, 15 year old Latina. Special Olympics Volunteer & a Volleyball player.

I was raised in a Hispanic home with 2 sisters and 1 brother. My life growing up was very toxic with my family but through the years I’ve learned to enjoy many things in life despite my upbringing. I’m in a JROTC program which I love and which I’ve learned so much from. I enjoy playing many sports and keeping my mind set on goals. I want to become a leader in my community and help others become better and want more for themselves and their future. I come from a broken home and I believe all of my life experiences are making me stronger and I want that for those who don’t believe they can.

My name is Yubia Delgado. I’m a Hispanic woman, passionate about creating a better community for the ones currently in it and ones coming.

My name is Brenda Escobar. I enjoy writing, drawing, and film. I am a hardworking individual.

I am a person who sees more to life than just money and work. I believe there is good in everyone or thing just have to look at it a litter closer. I am a person who won’t give up, just simply change the formula.

I am a 16 year old and and an upcoming junior. I go to Global Leadership Academy and I will graduate in 2021. I am a latina who likes to work hard and achieve my goals.

As a senior at Arvada West, I run varsity for the cross country and track teams. I enjoy running, reading, writing, talking, competing and spending time with friends. Outside of that, I’m an amateur vlogger and wish to travel a lot. I’m looking to attend one of the UC schools after I graduate.

My name is Micah Quinn and I’m an upcoming tenth grader. I’ve always taken my academics and school work seriously as well as striving for the future. Outside of that, I love dance, photography, and being with close friends. I am passionate about helping others and the community around me by connecting with others and learning new things along the way.

The 2020 cohort has selected their needs and granted away the funds that they raised. See their impact below.

2019-2020 Impact

Youth Homelessness

Youth Mental Health Services

Youth Substance Abuse Services


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