I’m Rhea Alexander, and I’m a sophomore at Jefferson Academy. My #1 issue is teen mental health. I love animals, reading, and swimming.

My name is Daniela Chavez, a senior at York International heading to the University of Denver to study the law in order to change it one day. 1 in every 3 Latinas are victims of domestic violence, yet that is a statistic not many people know. As a member of the Latinx community, that is a statistic that I know needs changing. That is a statistic worth fighting for, and one I plan on changing.

My name is Kennedy & I love travel, daffodil flowers, and the color green. I’m a high school senior who is going to University of Northern CO next year for my teaching license. I am very passionate about becoming a teacher, but I am even more passionate about repairing our environment. I wish people knew that I have a huge amount of willpower to reach my goals. I hate giving up on tasks that I’ve started, & I wish more people knew that I follow through on things when I say I will. I want people comfortable relying on me when they need help, and all I want to do is help as many people as I can.

Hi, I am Milynda Gallegos. The biggest thing that bothers me is that people are negative about themselves and others. I want to show that no matter what size, race, gender, sexuality, age, culture, religion, or where you come from.

I go to Global Leadership Academy and I will graduate in 2021. I am a Latina who likes to work hard and achieve my goals.

Hi, My name is Rhea and I love to go outdoors and learn about new cultures. I am reserved but can be outspoken with my opinions. I love meeting new people and look forward to joining YouthRoots!

I’m Rachel, I’m 15 years old, the 1# issues I care about it either the LGBTQ+ community, or helping kids who are depressed and have no one to talk to.

I want to make the world a better place, there is so much damage in the world that can’t be fixed. I want people to realize that they need to take precaution to fix some things.

I am artist, and a senior in school. Some issues I care about it’s mental health, LGBTQ and homelessness. Something I wish people knew about me is, that I’m not as intimidating as I dress.

I really care about our communities and the resources that they are getting compared to other communities and how we can continue to better them.

The 2021 cohort has selected their needs and is currently fundraising for the issues. Read about them below!

2019-2020 Impact

Mental Health

Sexual Assault

The Education Gap


Colorado Youth for a Change

Curls on the Block

Hide in Plain Sight

The Blue Bench

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