Nonprofit Grant Application

Are you a nonprofit looking for funds? Look no further!

Every year the various YouthBoards conduct a needs assessment of their local community and release a Request for Proposals in the late Fall.

 Organizations that serve children and youth for more than one YouthBoard are invited to submit multiple applications.

Below are the Denver and Boulder, CO funding priorities from last year:

Sexual Assault: Sexual Assault is a major problem throughout the United States. Our community needs assessment shows that Boulder, as a college town, is no exception. Many members of our Board know people who have been personally affected by sexual assault. The Boulder YouthBoard seeks to raise awareness around this issue and help support victims.
Homelessness: Though Boulder is an affluent city, youth homelessness is a major issue that is largely ignored. Hundreds of youth face homeless in Boulder County every night. Our team hopes to provide resources to homeless youth through supporting nonprofits addressing this issue.
Substance Abuse: Substance abuse is an issue for populations around the United States and the world, but can be especially pervasive in college towns. Our YouthBoard seeks to help those facing substance abuse challenges get on the road to recovery since substance abuse is often genetic, stigmatized, and debilitating.

*Geographic Restriction: Our board would prefer grant applications from organizations that focus on youth in Boulder County, but will also consider organizations working around the Boulder area.

Abuse & Neglect: According to Kid’s Count, there are more than10,000 youth victims of abuse and neglect in Colorado every year. Youth in the North Denver area can be at higher risk due to economic hardship, lack of resources, and stress. Our YouthBoard would like to fund organizations that provides services to youth who have experienced abuse and neglect, including in-school programs that provide therapy as well as organizations that provide awareness around these issues.

Access to Higher Education: For students in North Denver, the ability to go to college can be limited. Navigating the application process and finding the means to pay tuition can be particularly challenging for students who are the first in their family to go to college. The post-secondary support staff at many schools often have large caseloads and are shared among multiple schools, making their jobs difficult. We want to fund organizations that provide these essential support systems to assist youth in accessing higher education.

Early Childhood Education (Emphasis on Reading Levels): The ability to read is a fundamental part of learning and communication. While children do learn a variety of key skills in elementary school, reading will always be a pivotal part of any child’s toolbox. In our North Denver community, 38% of all K-8 students test below their reading grade level. Our team desires to fund organizations which help build a strong reading foundation early on, so that students do not have to constantly play catch-up throughout later school years.

Mental Health Training for Teachers: The issue of youth mental health has recently become a large concern for parents, students, and teachers alike. Some schools are not equipped to effectively deal with these issues due to budget limitations or administrative complications. Teachers need to be better prepared to deal with mental health issues in their schools. Our YouthBoard would like to fund organizations who help provide the tools and resources necessary for teachers to become effective responders to all types of mental health issues.

*Geographic Restrictions: We would like to fund organizations who specialize in working within our area of North Denver, including Adams County, Denver County, the northern parts of Arapahoe County and southern part of Weld County

Education Gap: Colorado is ranked as the third lowest for the Education Gap in the United States. With 70% of jobs needing a degree in higher education, there is a disproportionate impact on students of color and LGBTQI students. We hope to fund programs working to close the education gap for students of color and the LGBTQI community.

Mental Health: Mental health is a pervasive concern amongst youth today.There is a need for social-emotional learning and support in schools at a young age. If this can be addressed early on, then there is less of a risk of mental health in youth later in life. We hope to fund programs that provide social-emotional learning to children and youth.

*Geographic Restrictions: Nonprofits who serve youth living in the Denver-metro Area.

Mental Health: Approximately 1 in 4 teenagers suffer from mental illness. This problem is exacerbated with youth in the juvenile detention system where closer to 70% of youth are mentally ill. Early treatment is most effective. Our YouthBoard would like to fund efforts to provide mental health resources to youth and teenagers.

Sexual Assault: Every 90 seconds, a sexual assault occurs somewhere in the United States. Sexual assault survivors often do not report these crimes due to fear and belief that the perpetrators will not be prosecuted. One perpetrator assaults, on average, six victims. Our team seeks to address these issues through providing support to sexual assault victims and prosecution efforts.

*Geographic Restrictions: We would like to fund organizations in the South Denver-area, including Denver County, southern Arapahoe County, and Jefferson County.

Youth In Foster Care System: Youth in the foster care system are particularly vulnerable. We believe there is a lack of public awareness and education around this issue in Douglas County. The foster care system has far reaches into the lives of youth who are affected by it. From early ages children in the foster care system experience significant trauma in developmental stages that will inevitably impact the rest of their lives. Our YouthBoard seeks to support early interventions, including therapy and family resources, for youth affected by the foster care system.

* Geographic Restrictions: All organizations serving youth within Douglas County are eligible to apply for funding.

Please complete the Colorado Common Grant Application and submit a physical copy to the YouthRoots office at 1127 Sherman St, Suite #100, Denver, CO 80203 by 5:00pm on February 26th, 2018. Please also submit an electronic copy to

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