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I’m Bri. An issue I care about is the rise in mental health issues. It’s something that often stops people from improving. People should know that I’m very compassionate.

My name is Catriona Baxin Vigil and I am 14 years old. An issue that I care about it Global Warming due to the earth getting more unhealthy there are animals who are losing their homes and people just don’t seem to care. I am not sure of something that people knew about me

Hi! My name is Devin Klock. The #1 issue I care about is to make the world a better place with one act of kindness at a time. Fun Fact About Me: I love to celebrate Christmas all year!

My name is Gabriella but I prefer Gabby. I love volunteering, and helping anyone I can in general. I’m very committed to be in this program. The number one issue I care about is hunger and homelessness. America alone throws out so much good food just because it’s not up to their standards. I feel like homeless people need more help because it’s a hard system for them. They can’t apply to jobs without an address and can’t get checks without a bank account since most of them don’t have IDs.

My name is Owen McIntire the #1 issue I care about is that people in Pueblo are able to get food. Something I wish people would know about me is that I play oboe.

I’m Rylee I enjoy many activities such as art, acting, music, watching tv these things have influenced me in many ways,They have made me happier build character and express my self better. A number one issue that bothers me is litter every where it is always piled with trash every where you go. Animals in the streets can eat it out affects our sea friends to and overall its just bad for the environment. Something I want people to know is I’m not mean just shy

I am a proud Pueblo Native, born and raised and I would like Pueblo to be the best it can be. I currently attend Central High School. My #1 concern is making sure we realize the value of a good education and increasing the number of us graduating from high school with a plan and making good choices. I love sushi and enjoy playing tennis.

I am Violet Obley who is artistic, outgoing, caring, and empathetic. I care about multiple issues in the world we live in today, but an issue that matters to me the most is the protection of human rights. Even though we live in a country that represents “freedom”, there is still discrimination against colored people, people part of the LGBTQ+ community, and people in poverty. I care about human rights because I am simply a human who wants to give people a voice in struggles I can relate to.

The 2021-2022 cohort has chosen and is fundraising for their final needs! View the needs below and check back in spring to view their grantees.

2021-2022 Impact

Mental health

Sexual health education & resources

Substance use disorders

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Colorado Health Network

Health Solutions

Pueblo Rape Crisis Services

Spark the Change Colorado

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