Pueblo, CO


I’m Evelyn and an issue I care about is mental illness because there’s so many people suffering due to it. I also love going stargazing.

I am Venecia Allen, the youngest child of three children who was born and raised by a single mother and my siblings in Pueblo, CO. My number one issue is how we deal with people who are homeless and on drugs. Pueblo community has a problem that keeps getting worse and worse and we are not doing enough about it, with the lack of housing, programs and funding this problem will not go away until we come up with some solutions.

I’m Bri. An issue I care about is the rise in mental health issues. It’s something that often stops people from improving. People should know that I’m very compassionate.

Hello, my name is Darian Frazier and I am in ninth grade at Pueblo Centennial High School. The number one issue I care about is sunscreen in oceans because it kills coral and ocean life. One thing I wish people knew about me is that I am in my high school drumline.

I’m Madi. I like to play volleyball and be outside. I love spending time with my family and friends. I like trying new things and meeting new people. One issue that I care about is teen homelessness. So many teens that we know or care about don’t have a place to stay and I would like to see something done about it.

I am a very fun, loving, caring & compassionate person. I love my family and most of all, my 3 year old baby sister Ambry. I am a people person and am excited for the opportunity to serve Pueblo youth and my community!

Hi! My name is Devin Klock. The #1 issue I care about is everyone in the community having access to everything they need because everyone deserves the necessities of life. Fun Fact About Me: I love to celebrate Christmas Year-Round!

I’m an athlete who likes cooking. I care about civil rights, they can tell us so much about our cultures. I wish people knew that I’m outgoing.

I’m a person who cares about people. I care about homeless people getting food and shelter because it breaks my heart to see them like that. I want people to know I care about others and want to help.

The 2021-2022 cohort has chosen and is fundraising for their final needs! View the needs below and check back in spring to view their grantees.

2021-2022 Impact

Mental health

Sexual health education & resources

Substance use disorders

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Colorado Health Network

Health Solutions

Pueblo Rape Crisis Services

Spark the Change Colorado

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