Hooked by Grace Moya-Ranallo

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Her heart pure
Her skin rough
The moment her flowered eyes gazed into
mine, I was no longer blind
Understanding and love overwhelmed
every cell of my body
The world came into focus an
I was hooked

 This summer I had the opportunity of a lifetime- to visit Thailand and work with the amazing elephants and people. From the moment I stepped off the bus in Chiang Mai, Thailand and into the world, I was hooked. Hooked on the opportunities the world has to offer me. Hooked on the complete and utter immensity of the world I live in. Hooked on the kindness of the human spirit. Hooked on the ability to make a difference. I worked with elephants and their mahouts, in this time I learned that there is no limit to what the world has to offer. While I was there it seemed surreal, like it was another world.
However when I came home, I realized that it wasn’t another world, it was the world. For my entire life I had been living in the bubble of Denver county never realizing how much is really out there. My trip to Thailand re-ignited my burning desire to change the world. YouthRoots has provided me with an outlet for this desire. I am now able to collaborate with teens with a similar passion for change and I can never thank YouthRoots enough for that outlet.

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