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I am a hardworking person who values trustworthy people as well as charity. An issue i care about is environmental issues such as global warming and homelessness. I wish people knew a little more about my past so they could better understand why I truly care about the issues I do and why I work as hard as I do.

I’m a 16 year old from Denver who loves to do all things creative and outdoors. I enjoy mountain biking, skiing, photography, videography, music production, and many others. I especially care about environmental issues because they impact the livelihood of almost every animal, humans included. Something I wish people knew about me is that I really like mid-century modern interior design.

Who I am today means that I can show people my artistic side, showing others how creativity can show our true colors underneath our skin. I’m still figuring out some qualities about myself as well. One issue that I care about is people misunderstanding others talents, people don’t quite understand others’ talents and are afraid. We need to open up a bit more to others’ talents. Something I wish some people knew about me is that I love camping. It’s so much fun when you’re with family or friends.

I am Keith Martinez Jr., I’m a junior at Rangeview High School. I play soccer and unified football for Rangeview. I’m in student leadership and I also work at King Soopers. One issue I care about is making sure people who have nothing, like water, food, clothes and shelter, have those things. I care because I know people personally and have seen others who have or do suffer now. One thing I wish people knew about me is that I love music and I like to dance.

I am passionate about almost everything. One of my best features is competition, it’s also one of my worst features. I care about equal chance to be educated, helping people to step back and make a more researched choice instead of impulse. Eliminating bias in situations can be hard but taking things at a different angle can be more beneficial. I wish they knew I struggle too, being deemed the smart kid is nice; but there’s a pretty constant expectation to be good at everything.

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