Freedom Through Action by Iftu Abdi

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YouthRoots, an organization to relieve the unrest of needing to take action. As someone who is young and growing, much of my freedoms are limited and awaiting to be handed to me. Due to this, much of teen hood is spent on pause and waiting to take action. However, YouthRoots reminds the youth that they are capable and able to take action and make change. It also has a sense of gradual release so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or burdened by the goals you are trying to accomplish. Much of the time on YouthRoots is spent learning how to do something correctly and with the most amount of insight. Through this repeated practice of learning and then acting on the knowledge you’ve gained, the board members are fully equip to handle any situation. I’ve learned all the values of listening and being responsible through YouthRoots. Most importantly, I’ve learned the value of pushing yourself to improve. The ability to partake in all the wonders of YouthRoots gives me a sense of freedom that would otherwise be inaccessible.


Jenn TurnerFreedom Through Action by Iftu Abdi