What is YouthRoots?

YouthRoots is a leadership nonprofit that cultivates the next generation of community leaders. Participants serve on a YouthBoard with 12-20 high schoolers working to tackle community issues through philanthropy during a year-long program. Students build key leadership and life skills that prepare them to bring their big ideas to life and change the world. 


I’m a high school student, how do I get involved?

The program year runs from September to May, aligning with school calendars. Throughout the year, you will meet 17 times every 2-3 weeks with some volunteer work in between sessions. Completing the program counts for 60 hours of community service. Click here to apply for next school year and click here to subscribe to our newsletter for application updates.


What kind of experience do I need to join?

None at all! The only qualification to join YouthRoots is passion to make the world a better place and solve community problems. We’re looking for participants who bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the table and are passionate about changing the world.


I work at a nonprofit, how do I apply for funding? 

We release each board’s Request for Proposals in January every year. You can check if you meet the priorities and geographic restrictions of a YouthBoard and find instructions on how to apply here. The best way to keep up to date about funding opportunities is to subscribe to our newsletter


I’m an adult, how do I volunteer?

Most of our volunteer opportunities fill very specific roles, so we do outreach to individuals who best fit that role. However, we are always looking for Impact Partners! Impact Partners are volunteers who agree to meet with a pair of students for 30-45 minutes to learn about community issues, mentor students, and consider donating to their causes. These meetings are the biggest learning opportunity for students in the program! Donations are 100% optional. Click here to learn more about being an Impact Partner.


Do I have to meet with students to support their fundraising efforts? 

Meeting with students helps to solidify the skills they’re building in the program, but every dollar counts! If you are unable to meet with students but still want to support their causes, click here to donate. Be sure to indicate which YouthBoard you’d like to support in the comments section.


This is so cool! How can I donate?

We are so glad you asked! You can donate online here. Every dollar goes to developing young leaders capable of responding to emerging community issues. Donations are an investment in a better future. YouthRoots is a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 27-1325457) and all donations are tax-deductible.


I live outside your locations. How can I start a YouthBoard in my community?

We’re so excited that you want to bring youth philanthropy to your community! It’s an amazing way to develop the next generation of leaders while supporting community nonprofits. Click here to read more about the program, then fill out the form at the bottom of that page or email to learn more about starting a YouthBoard.