Executive Committee Training Fall 2019

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Teaching the Teens Who Teach The Teens Who Change the World

Have you ever wondered how exactly YouthRoots is youth-led? Well, let’s talk then! Our returning students apply to be part of the Executive Committee and are trained in curriculum content and facilitation skills. Last week, the day came to do just that! 

The evening was full of activities, hopes, dreams and plans to ensure the best year is yet to come! They came away with tools on how to use their strengths as a leader, an understanding of Positive Youth Development and why it’s important, and a plan for changing the world this year. They also gained invaluable facilitation skills and knowledge on managing a room of people with different ideas and different passions. 

Although the evening was jam-packed full of helpful information, the students had a great time and left feeling energized for the year ahead! Look at the photos below to see them in action. 

A big thanks to Susie Roman, one of our amazing facilitators, for leading this training!

YouthRootsExecutive Committee Training Fall 2019