Election Debrief Questions for Youth Groups

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The 2020 election was a doozy. Processing the election process and results can be tough, especially if you’re too young to participate in democracy by voting. YouthRoots held an election debrief for our participants and alumni to wrap our heads around what happened, what’s still happening, and what’s next. Here are some questions you can use to run your own election debrief with youth and/or just to think about on your own.

How can we process the election?

  • What were you feeling throughout the whole election? Why?
  • How do you feel now that the race has been called?
  • Does this election feel like a turning point for our country? Why or why not?
  • What have you learned about our country during this election?
  • Are you closely connected with someone who feels the opposite way as you? How has this election impacted your relationship?  

Why do we feel the way we do?

  • How do our experiences impact our perspective on issues? 
  • When does our viewpoint not tell the whole story?
  • How can we get a more well rounded perspective that includes perspectives other than our own? 
  • What is the benefit of seeking others’ perspectives?
  • How do our political choices reflect our values and identities? 

What’s next? 

  • If your political candidate won the election, are all of the problems solved? What work remains to be done? 
  • What else can we do now that the election is over to continue making an impact on our country?
  • What do you think the voting age should be in the US?
  • How do we get involved in politics and the big issues if we’re under 18 and not yet able to vote?
YouthRootsElection Debrief Questions for Youth Groups