I am a sophomore at STEM School Highlands Ranch and my main goal in this organization is to make our community more environmentally friendly.

Hello I’m Brooks I have work on the 3 big plays for Mountain Vista High School and filmed events for my school. I have gone to the youth diversity conference, diverse club, GSA, No Place for Hate, student policy club, and I’m part of Source of Strength. I care a lot about change in our world and think of one for the biggest thing I face today in my school is depression and diversity. I would say I am dedicated to change. I would like people to know that I can do many thing if you show me how to do it.

Hi! I’m Colette (they/them). My hobbies are reading, tennis, and I have a passion for community service. My #1 issue is social inclusivity.

I am a junior at TRHS, and I appreciate supporting my community in any way possible. I enjoy hiking, exploring Colorado, and I’m a big fan of the Colorado Avalanche and the Washington Capitals. The biggest issue I care about is student voice because today’s generation should be represented and be involved in their own society. One thing that people should know about me is that I was once on a documentary for the Weather Channel.

My name is Eknara Dassanayake and I’m a junior at STEM School Highlands Ranch. The #1 issue I care about is equality, everyone should get the same opportunities and privileges no matter where they are from! I am also very passionate of the field of art and I enjoy doing various art-related activities such as drawing, painting, and photography!

I am George Amaya and I am an introvert that loves to play video games and hangout with friends but as of recently I have found a new interest that excites me such as building legos. The number one issue I care about is mental health and how to deal with it because I believe it’s important for people to know how to care for themselves if they aren’t willing to seek help for themselves. I wish people knew that I am just a quiet person. I’m not trying to be mean or avoid you, I’m just not a talker.

My name is Isha Thakkar and I am passionate about taking care of the earth and making it kinder! In my free time I love to read and go thrifting!

Hello, my name is Liam, I currently attend STEM School Highlands High School. I’m interested in history, politics, technology, and music. I top issue is regarding the community and younger people growing up in our modern world. I like to try to get out of my comfort zone and look forward to joining YouthRoots.

I am an ambitious high school student who aspires to be a doctor in the future and make a positive impact in the health of disadvantaged and impoverished individuals. I care a lot about standing up for equity among various races and ethnic groups because I believe that all individuals regardless of race and ethnicity should be treated the same and provided with equal opportunities. I do varsity track and enjoy reading and traveling in my free time.

The issue I care about is mental health because I am also passionate about psychology and its applications. I am an avid writer and am writing a screenplay for the book I’m writing.

My name is Winston Whitehead, age 16, and a senior in high school. My largest issues mainly revolve around help for victims of school shootings and mental health. As a victim of such an event myself, I am grateful for the support system that was setup by my school and the continued push for helping mental health. I think so many of the horrible tragedies that plague our nation’s schools could be prevented, even as little as asking how someone’s day is going. One thing I wish people knew about me is that I am approachable; I may look disinterested, but I can assure you that is not on purpose!

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2022- 2023 Impact

Inequities in Mental Health Resources

Coming Spring 2023!

Coming Spring 2023!

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