Daphne’s Take on YouthCharge

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Being a teenager is hard. We are constantly having to shift how we act to conform with everyone’s different expectations of us. Some people expect teens to be rude kids who don’t care about anything but themselves. Others expect us to be absolutely perfect, because we don’t have ‘real lives’ yet. 

And the absolute worst part about all of these expectations is that the one thing they agree on is that teenagers know or understand virtually nothing about their own communities. 

That is not true. 

At first, I joined YouthCharge for the same reason as many others. Because it looks good on college applications. But then I found out what it could actually mean for my life and my community. Joining YouthCharge means I get an opportunity to find and fix a problem I see. Joining YouthCharge means I get an opportunity to show all the skeptical adults out there that teens are not idiots. That we are not useless. Or selfish. 

I get an opportunity to show all of the adults that we are tired of waiting for them to fix things that we can fix now

Alyssa HornyakDaphne’s Take on YouthCharge