Cortez, CO

In collaboration with SCYC and their Youth Leadership Council program



  • Kiandra Whiskers-Laner
  • D’Maura Wash
  • Jayden Curtsinger
  • Iinanibaa Cordova
  • Jada Mitchell
  • Amie Martinez
  • Cimmeron Scherer
  • Zoe Yarbrough
  • Evelyn Caciagli
  • Anika Adams
  • Zeke Anderson
  • Sabastain Sells
  • Jacyn Troye
  • Kescoleigh Boeckman

The 2021-2022 cohort has just started their program year, check back in winter for updates on their chosen needs.

2021-2022 Impact

Racial discrimination

Mental health

Check back in Spring 2022!

Check back in Spring 2022!

YouthRootsCortez, CO