Community Needs by Samie Staudenmayer

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Throughout my two and a half years in high school I have contributed many hours of community service, but I was never exposed to the underlying themes of giving back. YouthRoots has taught me so many incredible lessons that I will be able to carry with me throughout the rest of my life. During the YouthRoots retreat, I had the opportunity to connect with others who have the same passion and desire the change the world as me, which helped stimulate in depth conversations about the pressing issues in our area as well as learning each other’s strengths so we could be an effective YouthBoard when working together.

Every meeting has left me feeling inspired and wanting to do more. However, my favorite meeting has been with the Panel of Youth Experts. It was informative and inspiring to see the different perspectives and experiences that they had felt in relation to trauma. Whether it was a police officer, college admissions expert at CU, or an expert to specializes in helping teenagers who live with trauma, they all helped me understand the effects of trauma and why it is a pressing issue in the Boulder area. Since that meeting I have done more research regarding the issue, and I am enthusiastic to start fundraising in order to bring awareness to the community and be able to distribute money to the programs that help.

I am so honored and excited to see what is in store for the second half of the year. It will be an amazing opportunity to utilize the resources and lessons that I have been taught, and literally change the world one step at a time.

Lacey BooksCommunity Needs by Samie Staudenmayer