My name is Caroline and I’m 17 years old. I run track, my favorite event is the 300m hurdles. One issue I am passionate about is climate change and sustainability!

As a youth advocate who is currently a senior in high school, I often find myself being the youngest in the room; yet, that does not stop me from using my voice in order to speak out for what needs attention. When I’m not playing ice hockey or reading a good book, I enjoy researching solutions for the growing issues which affect youth in my community – such as the environment, and education. All people, especially youth, have the right to higher education along with a clean, safe environment – however, these are not the conditions which all people are fortunate to live in.

Well the first thing I can tell you about me is that I can’t have a #1 issue because of how many things I’m passionate about. But for now, I can say I’m very into protecting our environment, this planet keeps us alive for a reason and I intend to protect and take care of my home. Other than that we have a huge amount of other things such as youth violence prevention, exiting poverty, empowering youth, leading and assisting new leaders, and making my community and world a better place.

Kayla cares about many issues, but especially student voice because she spends much of her time as a student. She is excited to work with her peers to enact real change!

I am a junior at Northfield High school. I’m a part of the students demand action club and HOSA club at my school. I love hiking and reading in my free time. I am passionate about education because I believe it is where positive social change starts. I wish that people knew that I’m approachable and always excited to meet new people.

I’m Knox, and I’m passionate about helping struggling teens. I love being outdoors and spending time with friends.

My name is Kaden and I am 15. Something about me is I think dogs are better than cats. I want to focus on the effects of COVID-19.

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