Hi! I’m Izzy Carabetta and I go to Northfield High School. I play softball and love to ski. I am very interested in homelessness and helping our community.

I’m Alexis Carranza. I hope to make a difference in my world by being there for people. Making it known that I’m someone anyone can come to and that I want to help people in the best way I can.

My name is Vanessa Conchas, and I live in the Cole community which is a few blocks away from 5 points. I’ve seen firsthand of the gentrification that is happening in this community. Landlords raise the rent, which they know people can’t pay and then destroy the building and build new and more expensive homes. The issue that I care about is how many people are being kicked out their homes and how they’re many young homeless people. I wish that people knew that I can be involved in our community in many ways.

My name is Kaden Gapin. I am 14 years old. The #1 issue I care about is the coronavirus outbreak. I wish that people knew that I love dogs.

My name is Brooklyn Hanley. I am a senior at Mullen High School and plan on going to college next year. The number 1 issue I care about is world peace. This includes nation conflict, social media toxicity, racial and gender conflicts and many more aspects in that category. I wish people knew about how much I care and that I am willing to go out of my way to make sure they are content. I am super excited to do this in YouthRoots.

I am very passionate about health education. During COVID, I created a health class for my sister since her school doesn’t offer one. I am apart of Youth Roots because I want to get involved with my community and I want to bring more awareness around health issues. I love animals, I have one dog and I love to color.

I am a dancer, skier, and tennis player. I want to help kids who do not have a mature influence in their home. I wish people knew that I would help them with whatever issue they need help with.

My name is Sofia, the number one issue I care about is equality of opportunity for all genders, and something I wish people knew about me was that I love conversing with people I don’t know well or strangers!

I am a sophomore at Denver East High School, and I’m most passionate about healthcare access. I started a shaved ice business last summer!

My name is Destinee and I am a junior at North high. I love to speak out for people who aren’t heard and I feel everyone should have a voice. I wish people knew how to create a harmonious world.

My name is Nicole, I am currently a senior in high school. The main issue I care about is mental health in youth, especially those who are impoverished or people if color. One thing I wish people knew about me is that I love action movies, especially John Wick.

My name is Nicole Mwakamui and one of the issues I care about most is climate change mostly because I am someone who loves to spend time outside.

I am currently a junior at Cole High School and take part as a youth lead in the Denver Mayor’s Youth Commission. My goals are to make mental health more accessible so that all youth can overcome their obstacles. The best part of working with others is sharing ideas and networking. Outside of advocating I enjoy playing chess and Ice hockey.

My name is Max Rodgers, I have lived in Denver for 5 years and the number one issue I care about in my community is housing inequality.

I’m a freshman at Saint Mary’s Academy. I love to play soccer and volleyball and hang out with friends. I am passionate about social justice and I am so excited to help make a difference!

The 2021 cohort has selected their needs and is currently fundraising for the issues. Read about them below!

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Youth Mental Health


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Savio House

Urban Peak

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