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My name is Megan Curto, and I’m from a little town in southern Colorado called Alamosa. Overall, I would like to improve the quality of life here. I would like to help with the drug crisis here and all of the poverty. I am also a sophomore at Alamosa High School.

Hello! My name is Bryce Davis. I’m a sophomore at Central High School in Grand Junction, CO. My number one concern is student wellbeing within their school. This includes programs like in-school clinics, food & clothes drives, and counseling. I’m also concerned about student belonging and the desire to come to school. Something I wish that people knew about me is that I’m far better at organization and leadership but lack heavily in creativity.

I am a native to Colorado and I come from a diverse background of hispanic heritage and I am proud member of the LGBTQ community. I care about representation for underrepresented groups of people and creating a safe place for people who don’t have one. There is nothing in particular that I wish people knew about me because I am an open book for others.

The issue I care about is the lack of assets in a community because I grew up in one like that. I wish people knew I like to be involved.

I care about mental health and personally have struggles. I want to be a role model for people and help people overcome.

I’m Miguel. I care about spreading lgbtq history through schools. Something I want people to know is I’ve been trying to work on this for almost a year.

I care about prioritizing art based classes because working with your hands is a huge stress reliever. I want to help my community.

My name’s Hannah Weston and I am a very extraverted active person who enjoys being with people. The number one issue I care about is the amount of homeless kids within our community. I wish more people knew that for me to get something done I need a plan.

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