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My name is Alberto Valles and my biggest issue that I care about for my community is the involvement of people in my community. If it’s either the adults or the younger people of my community. Because I believe there is involvement, but not enough to achieve the best we can do to become the near perfect community we need and strive to be. Something I wish people knew about me is how much effort I put in to my friends, family, community, and school.

I’m Ally Thompson. I care about transgender advocacy because I live in an unaccepting community, I love music.

I’m Andrea Marquez and have been born and raised in Holyoke. Colorado. The number one issue I am concerned with is the amount of misinformation there is and how little of a standard it is held at. I care for this reason because daily, people are making misinformed decisions, or letting misinformation control their daily actions. Something I wish people knew about me is that I like to create things, mostly yarn work, and I enjoy helping others.

Hello! My name is Bryce Davis and I’m a Junior at Central High School in Grand Junction, CO. This is my second year in the Youth Connections Youth Council. I’m very passionate about youth involvement in voting. I even established an organization within my district focused solely on education our younger community on the importance of voting and being involved in local government. Something I wished people knew about me is my love for technology. I could talk for hours on end about anything tech related.

Hi my name is Daisy Chavira, I’m obsessed with clothes I love everything to do with it. I also do love coffee that’s my secrete obsession.

My name is Ella Lesser and the number one issue I care about is mental health. I care about this because mental health is an ongoing issue that needs to have more attention than it is received. I would like people to know that I am a very understanding and compassionate person.

Hello I am Garrett Cannon. I am a senior at Delta High School, I am super passionate about school, piano, and social activism. The social issues I am super passionate about are Equality of opportunity, LGBTQ+, and Mental Health.

I care about improving the happiness in the school. I wish people knew that I have a pet axolotl.

My name’s Hannah I’m a senior I am very passionate about school community and one thing I wish people new is just because I’m organized everywhere else doesn’t mean my rooms clean.

Hello! I am Jordan Trujillo a Junior at Mountain Range High School. The #1 issue I care about are gun control laws. It’s a very big issue for students around the nation and I want to find a way to make a difference here. I wish people knew that I hate most breakfast foods.

I am a freshman student at Summit High School and I am passionate about giving the youth community of Colorado a voice. I am dedicated to achieving greatness through collaboration and open-mindedness and maintaining a solution-oriented mindset. I believe that the more people, perspectives, differences, and an equal drive to succeed ultimately make a great team that makes a great change. I wish people knew that as independent and introverted as I may be, I will always believe that working together is the best way to do just about anything.

Hi! I’m Lucinda Mares and I am a sophomore at Holyoke Junior/ Senior High School! I am a very active member in my school as I participate in softball, FFA where I am the Chapter Secretary, FBLA, and I am also holding my class treasurer position! My hobbies include showing and judging livestock. The number one issue I care about is the misconception of agriculture in our world. I would like to open up their minds about the agricultural industry. I would like to educate them. Agriculture runs our world. One thing that I wish people knew about me is that I wear my heart on my sleeve.

My name is Megan Curto, and I’m from Alamosa, Colorado. Alamosa is a small town in southern Colorado. Being from a rural community, I have witnessed copious amounts of poverty and lack of opportunity. I would like to be part of the change that brings more opportunity to my community.

I’m Rodrigo Castillo and the #1 issue that I care about is mental health because it is the main thing you can tell about in people.

I love photography, music, and nature, and truly enjoy supporting the people around me. The #1 issue I care about is the environment that students spend the most of their time in because students often reflect their environments and I would prefer it to be in a positive way. I wish people knew how much I care about the world around us and how much it impacts our lives.

Hello! My name is Sophia Johnson and my passions include advocacy for underrepresented groups such as LGBTQ+, Women’s rights and POC. Something I wish people knew about me is that I am really outgoing once you get to know me!

As a member of a small community I intend to create unity in order for everyone to feel like they belong.

I am Van Mont and I am from Winter Park, CO. The number one issue I care about is making sure that everyone has equal opportunity because it is important that everyone feels included. Something I wish people knew about me is that I am a mogul skier.

My name is Zeeshan Atmar I am Afghan-American and the number one issue I deeply care for is the economical depression after the recent pandemic. I care about this a lot because I believe after the COVID-19 pandemic depression and other mental illnesses started building up a lot more and is starting to affect not just teens but people in middle school. Something I wish people knew about me is how sensitive I am despite how I may act or seem.

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