Building up Youth Philanthropy around the World

Five organizations will host the World’s First Global Youth Giving Circle on January 3, 2023. The event will serve as a catalyst to begin conversations around building a Global Youth Philanthropy Network (GYPN) to serve youth involved in philanthropy across every corner of the globe, with every identity, and from every background.


Filling a Gap

There are many organizations across the globe engaging young people in the philanthropic process. However, there is no global support system for this work. While there are a multitude of organizations that support the global philanthropic ecosystem as a whole, none specifically support youth philanthropy for all youth. Working with young people is a distinct domain. A network designed to bring together youth philanthropy efforts will strengthen the global sector and ensure the future of philanthropy. 


Event as Catalyst

Co-conveners African Youth Philanthropy Network, GADeF International, Giving Tuesday, Philanthropy Together, and YouthRoots will be hosting the world’s first Global Youth Giving Circle on January 3, 2023. The excitement around the first ever event of this type will bring together youth philanthropists around the world for a 2-hour virtual convening. The session will follow a rough agenda of:

  • Introductions/Icebreaker
  • Youth Philanthropy Around the World (speakers from every continent)
  • Aligning Youth Philanthropy to UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Breakouts: Grantmaking on Issue Areas (each breakout has US $2,000 to grant)

The event will culminate with an introduction of the Global Youth Philanthropy Network and assessing interest in the concept. Feedback from participants at the event will begin the feedback loop between what members would be looking for in such a network and the organizers working on initial planning phases for the network’s activities. 

The event page with registration information can be found here:


Vision for the Global Youth Philanthropy Network

We know the power of philanthropy. We know the power of youth. The GYPN strives to bring together this powerful demographic working in this powerful sector to maximize the impact that we can all have. A support network will catalyze the ability of new youth philanthropy initiatives to get off the ground and augment the work of existing programs. Instead of groups around the world trying to figure out how to do this work in isolation, they will be part of a network to learn, share, connect, and grow.

The driving concert behind the Global Youth Philanthropy Network (GYPN) is that it will be a support system that is responsive to the needs and requests of its members. Due to the network’s nature, the form will change over the years as the landscape of youth philanthropy continues to evolve.

The network’s activities will continue to evolve, but initial plans include:

  • Annual Forum: A space to bring together global youth philanthropists to learn about youth philanthropy initiatives around the world and to engage in collective giving.
  • Peer Groups: Opportunities for groups to come together around issues, regions, and/or roles to discuss top of mind topics.
  • Workshops: Workshops and trainings to support capacity building at the request of member organizations.
  • Newsletters: Sharing news, articles, and opportunities from member organizations.
  • Resource Sharing: Providing resources to support youth philanthropy work around the world.

Youth are our future. Youth philanthropists are the future of philanthropy. Building a strong youth philanthropy sector will set future generations up for success in achieving a more just and equitable world where every individual and community can thrive.


Learn More

To learn more, join the GYPN organizer team, or to support the work, contact Lauren Czajka, YouthRoots Executive Director, at The current GYPN organizer team is composed of the African Youth Philanthropy Network, GADeF International, and YouthRoots. 

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