I’m Fareed Ahamad, and I go to Peak to Peak Charter School. I deeply care about mitigating religious discrimination, and wish people knew that I enjoy pogo-sticking!

I am a sophomore at Fairview High School. I am passionate about homelessness and poverty. Something I wish people knew about me is that I like writing.

My name is Annika Aumentado and I’m a ninth grader at Fairview High School. I have several interests and am always willing to learn more. I love to create things and I do that through sewing, drawing, building, and anything in between. I’ve played violin for around seven years, but I also love to listen to music. I’m glad to have been able to identify what I’m extremely passionate about. As a whole I love to learn about and work on several issues, all focused on the progress of society and the helping and supporting of people. My main interest is criminal justice reform and I hope to someday be a part of that field of work. Something I wish people knew about me is that as much as I love being around people, I also value alone time.

I’m a high school senior who is currently working on a senior capstone project bringing awareness to period poverty, called Silver Creek Supports the Girls. I’m passionate about creating equal opportunities for everyone no matter their gender, race, sexuality, disability, or any characteristic. As shown through my capstone project, the issue of period poverty and the effect it has in people with periods is most important to me. Something I wish people knew about me is that I’m always interested to talk about current events, social issues in particular, to see other perspectives I may not have considered yet.

My name is Ellen and I’m a 16 year old African American girl. Apart from being a great student, I’m also an electric guitar playing spiritual witch with many hobbies and interests. My number one mission is to return our attention and care back to Mother Earth. I wish people knew what the real me is really like.

Hi! My name is Sarada Gundavarapu, and I am currently a freshman. I like to positively impact other’s lives with my actions, helping whenever it is possible for me to do so. An issue that I deeply care about is racial and gender equality. Lastly, something I wish people knew about me is that I am a very open-minded person.

My name is Atiya and I am a fourteen year old. I’m in my Freshman year at Fairview High School. I’m interested in baking and sustainable eating. I also love to travel and learn about other cultures. I’m passionate about a number of causes, but throughout all of my life I’ve been passionate about environmental issues and climate justice. I’m also interested in eliminating disparities in the healthcare system. I joined 15 Forever to boost organizations fighting against these issues and make groundbreaking changes in society. I wish people knew that I fight hard for the things I believe in and that I have a strong moral compass.

My name is Evan and I am a 11th grader at Boulder High. In my spare time I enjoy skiing and playing instruments. There are many issues I care about, it is hard to narrow it down to just one. One issue I am concerned about is homelessness in Boulder. On a bigger level, I am concerned about global warming and corruption.

My name is Lauren Hirschhorn, and I am a senior at Fairview High School. In my eyes, climate change is the biggest issue because it will determine the health of humanity and how long we can thrive. I wish people knew that I really like history and science.

Hi! My name is Palpasha Karki, I’m a junior in high school and I love to cook! The number one issue is care about is medical mobility and accessibility for all and one thing I wish people knew about me is that I’m from Nepal.

Hi! I’m Mandy and I love to create art. In the future, I want to pursue a career in UX design. An issue I care about is mental health advocacy because I want to help destigmatize mental health issues and provide those in need with resources.

Hello I’m Juan Mendez. One issue that I care about is the unequal treatment to women and people of color in the work force. People need to be valued equal no matter gender or sex. I wish that more people know that they can come to me for help and I will be their no matter what I’m will be there.

Hi! I’m Vikas! I am a senior at Peak to Peak and an issue important to me is body positivity. In my free time, I enjoy cooking pasta.

I’m a sophomore and I’m passionate about making sure children have better lives and educations. I am a polyglot and love meeting new people!

My name is Paige Russell. I am a 9th grader at Niwot High School. I play soccer and basketball. I am very passionate about the issues surrounding our environment, as well as racial injustices. Something that I wish that people knew about me is that not only am I passionate about sports but I also love math, science and music.

I am Natalia Salazar and I am a sophomore at Niwot High School. I am very passionate about raising awareness and acceptance for the LGBTQIA+ community. I wish people knew that I was raised to highly value education and that I take my studies very seriously because of it.

Hi! I’m Shreya Senthilkumar, a student at Peak to Peak Charter School. One issue I care about is racial prejudice, especially against women of color. Women are at a disadvantage on multiple points, shown by examples like the gender wage gap. Women of color face prejudice based on their gender but also their race, further heightening the disadvantages. Something I wish people knew about me is that I can be reserved at first, but my personality shines when I am doing things that I am passionate about.

I am a student at Fairview High School and recently one of my fellow students took his own life. This situation left me feeling very helpless like I was doing nothing while people suffered. All I wanna do is help people and I wasn’t satisfied with the actions that my school was taking. The number one issue that I care about Is finding help for those struggling with their mental health throughout their teenage years. I want to educate people about mental health and make sure that everyone has access to help.

The 2021 cohort has finished assessing community needs and granted their funding. See their impact below!

2020-2021 Impact

Food Insecurity

Gender Based Violence Education


Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence
Colorado FriendShip
Boulder Valley School District

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