My name is Abigail, but people usually just call me Abby. One issue that I really care about is teenager’s metal health and how it’s not talked about enough and how much it can affect people in their daily lives. I wish people knew what kind of person I really am.

My name is Alexandria Gough. I am from Denver Colorado, and I am 17 years old. I care about equality for everything and everyone! I will advocate against every unfair case, any oppressive ideologies, and anything that puts others down. I care about this because everyone should be treated the same. No one should be hated on just for being themselves and for what they believe in. A fun fact about myself is that I love watching/reading twilight and I love thrifting!

I’m Brandon Figueroa and I am a Junior at George Washington High School. The #1 issue I care about is mental health. At my high school and many others in the Denver area students are increasingly dealing with anxiety and depression and there are limited resources and support. One thing I want people to know about me is that I enjoy traveling.

I’m Denver Nelson! But I would much rather be called Toni. One issue I care about is beauty standards. And that is because everyone should be accepted as pretty and shouldn’t be bullied or judged because they don’t fit a societal standard. 

I am Edith and I am a very delicate person who wants to find my purpose in this world, I enjoy playing music, books, and many more things. One of my top issue that I would like to help resolve and to raise awareness is about homelessness. In recent years, Aurora has had a big increase in homelessness, this means that there are people who don’t have essentials, such as food, warm clothes, and of course shelter.

Hi, I am Emma Montes de Oca and I’m a senior at Cherry Creek Elevation. I would describe myself as driven, kind, and passionate! For as long as I can remember, my greatest joy has come from helping others. I am a huge advocate for destigmatizing mental health. This goal stems from my interest in breaking down generational issues, learning how to navigate and support my own mental health. Something I wish people knew about me, is that I was born and raised in San Jose, California for the first 15 years of my life.

I am a teenage Nigerian American woman that loves cooking and learning about other cultures. Something that is important to me is mental health in the African American community. Not enough people talk about mental health and the effects of not talking about it. I wish more people knew that I don’t keep quiet about things I’m passionate about.

My name is Georgia I am 17 years old born and raise in Colorado. An issue that I hold close to my heart would be women’s care because I feel like people don’t really that in count that some women care should not be made by any men like about 406,970 women are as and half of them don’t get proper care.

Hello! My name is Izabella Medina and one of the main issues I like to face is environmental issues. We only have one Earth available to us, so taking care of it should be a priority! One of my favorites hobbies is collecting vintage and antique items.

I am Katie Figueroa and I will be a Freshman at Denver School of the Arts in the Creative Writing Department. I recently graduated from McAuliffe International School in Park Hill. During my years there, I realized that I am coming from a place of privilege and some of my classmates were not afforded the same opportunities. This started my interest in caring about equity and equal rights. my #1 issue I care about access to health and mental health care. Because my family has good insurance I have been able to get healthcare at Children’s Hospital when I need it. I hope to advocate for others.

Hi! My name is Lauren, I’m an ExCom for this year, and I look forward to helping change take root.

My name is Minte Hailemariam and I am a 16 yr old high schooler from Denver, Colorado. I’m a big sports fan and I love to learn and surround myself with new people and experiences. One of the biggest issues I see is the lack of resources and education on mental health and guidance for young black kids, I think as a black teen myself I’m able to see things from different perspectives and give my insights on the issues.

My name is Oliver Deines and I’m a junior at Northfield High school. The #1 issue I care about is mental health, specifically in teens, because some of my close friends struggle with mental health so I want to learn as much about mental health as I can and find ways to support people who struggle with mental health. Something I wish people knew about me is that I love music, and I play piano and guitar.

My name is Rayan Elhanan. I’m a junior at DSST Montview High School. I’m a Muslim African-American Female. I love to play soccer, paint, read, and hang out with friends and family. An issue that I am passionate about is Mental health because it is often overlooked but is very essential to our overall well being. One fact I wish people knew about me is I’m bilingual.

I’m Sarah Park from Rangeview High School. I care about homelessness and food insecurity because everyone deserves to live a healthy life while having access to basic needs. I plan on challenging myself throughout high school to become better at communicating and helping others in any way I can.

My name is Saron Abraham I am a change wanting and curious girl who loves to play volleyball. The number 1 issue I care about is immigration to the US. My parents are immigrants from East Africa and they and many others have had lots of inconveniences and hardships when coming to the US. People are separated from kids and family and put into camps. I believe the process should be easier so kids like me are able to have better opportunities and education. I want to people to know how much empathy I have and I want to learn about more peoples story

Hi! I’m Srishti, a sophomore at Cherokee Trail High School. A few interesting things about me is that I am a volleyball and tennis player, and an avid skier. An issue that is important to be is child abuse/neglect. This subject is often overlooked, leading to a broken foster system. Many times child protection services also fail to help these children who are at risk. I feel that to create change, we need to voice our opinions to bring further attention to this issue.

I am an immigrant who moved to the United States for better opportunities.’
I am a Black men who is hard working, determined, and fearless.
One thing I would change about the world is providing public education for everyone. Education should be a basic right regardless of who you are because it ensures the future of our world and society.

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Coming Spring 2023!

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