My name is Ashley Gutierrez I am a ninth grader, I have a sister her name is Michelle. The number #1 issue that I care about is Homelessness I feel like theirs a bunch of people in the streets that need medical care and more I feel the need to help them since winter is coming kids are outside and they would need jackets, food to get warm and more stuff. I believe that if we are able to help then we have to take the opportunity.

Hi! I’m Avishi, a senior at Cherokee Trail. So many of us struggle to express our true selves and get help when we need it. It’s really important to me that everyone has a safe space to share their feelings and concerns. As for something I wish people knew about me, I would do pretty much anything for chocolate cake.

I am a dog-lover, skier, volleyball player, and an avid traveler. I am passionate about mental health because it affects everyone.

Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m in eleventh grade and I enjoy playing softball and watching sports. The number one issue I care about is the lives of immigrants in our country and how we can help make the transition from their country to ours easier by providing a more inclusive environment.

My name is Noelia Flores I love helping people I want to be involved I like to be aware of the place I live in.

Hi! I’m a God loving girl who hopes to apply this spirit of ultimate love and giving to environmental issues and the Black community.

The 2021-2022 cohort has chosen and is fundraising for their final needs! View the needs below and check back in spring to view their grantees.

2021-2022 Impact

Access to mental health

Gun violence

Suicide prevention

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Project Helping

Second Wind Fund

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