Age is just a number

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We spoke with some of our alumni about the frustrations of being a teenager today. The common theme: today’s youth are undervalued. Here’s what our interns had to say: 

  • Simply because of your age, adults oftentimes scoff with indignation at your ideas and dedication to changing the world. The value you bring to the table is often underestimated simply because of a number that seemingly defines you.  – Aimee
  • Stalling and waiting around when you can really do something is aggravating. You can belt your heart out to adults yet everything can still remain stagnant, simply due to the lame excuse of our age. – Sara
  • It is really annoying when everyone thinks we’re just a lazy generation who follow trends and skim the surface of any important issue. – Avishi
  • When the older people treat the youth like children who don’t know any better rather than taking the time to just listen. If Congress or bodies of people like that just listened to what the youth have to say then there could be monumental changes for the better. – Kyrie
  • Being young, people have less trust in us. We get ignored or people don’t believe what we are saying. A lot of the time, it’s people who we are supposed to trust and those who are supposed to protect us. – Vv
  • It is particularly frustrating when trying to challenge “traditional” opinions and being told I am either too young to have adequate knowledge to challenge the opinion in the first place, or that I will understand when I am older. – Jade
  • Personally, I am most frustrated by how underestimated my generation is. – Kira
  • Just because I’m a teenager doesn’t mean that stereotypes enforced by the media are true to me.  – Aimee
  • Most young people are also more informed about the world than anyone will give them credit for. It’s this discrediting of my generation that has prevented us from making the political change that we want. Knowing how much my generation could accomplish if we were given the right platform, but also being aware that the older generations don’t want us to have that platform, is devastating. – Kira
Alyssa HornyakAge is just a number