Open Youth Philanthropy Opportunities!

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Why is youth philanthropy important?

Youth philanthropy, or engaging young people in funding decisions, is important for many reasons. While we could go on and on about the benefits of youth philanthropy, we’ll just share our two favorites. Firstly, people should be involved in the decisions that impact their lives. While we recognize this fact at the community level, we tend to forget about youth. Youth should be at the decision-making table for all youth issues. Second, youth know the issues three years before adults. Engaging youth in philanthropy can help the sector respond more quickly to emerging issues. 


How it Works

YouthRoots aims to fill this gap by creating opportunities for young people to get involved in the field of philanthropy, effectively addressing issues in their communities. The YouthBoard Program builds young leaders capable of tackling issues in their communities while engaging them in a 3 step philanthropic process: 

  1. Community Needs Assessment: through personal experience, research, and community input, students determine the biggest needs facing children and youth in their communities.
  2. Fundraising: students raise funds and awareness for the issues in their communities.  
  3. Grantmaking: YouthBoards grant 100% of what they raise to nonprofits best meeting their identified needs.


Open Opportunities

Do you know any young people and/or organizations that work with young people who would love the chance to impact real issues through philanthropy? Help spread the word about these open youth philanthropy opportunities!


Outreach Template

You can use the email template below to reach out to any schools, nonprofits, and/or youth who might be interested in these opportunities.

Email Subject: Youth Philanthropy Opportunity for High School Students

Dear {{First Name}}, 

September 26th is the deadline for a life-changing leadership opportunity for students. YouthRoots is a local nonprofit that teaches high school students how to make the world a better place while developing their leadership and life skills. YouthRoots was awarded National Philanthropy Day’s Award for “Outstanding Foundation” in 2018.

The program is completely free. As members of YouthRoots, students will:

  • Learn and practice skills that will empower them to be a strong leader today and tomorrow
  • Use philanthropy to tackle issues they care about
  • Collaborate with awesome high schoolers from different schools
  • Complete 60 hours of community service

Students who are passionate about making the world a better place should apply online here by September 26. You can also nominate a student online.

Please contact the Program Manager, Erin Button, at with any questions.

YouthRootsOpen Youth Philanthropy Opportunities!