2021 GIV Fellows

Aariyah Johnson
AJL Foundation

I am Aariyah Johnson, the oldest of 3 children, and recently graduated from Eaglecrest High School. At this point in life I am trying to figure out what career path I want to follow. I am very passionate about civil rights; In fact I am currently a teen activist in Colorado. I find happiness in helping other’s , spending time with family, and just like any other teenager playing video games. I am determined to make a change in this world not just for myself but future generations as well.

Adalid Ponce Hernández
Craig-Scheckman Family Foundation

I name is Adalid Ponce, I am 19 years old and have a daughter that is 2 I am also a si for parent. I work at Young Tracks Daycare and preschool. I am also going to go back to school this fall.

Andrea Leyva
Gary Community Ventures

I am a very proud daughter to immigrant parents and that has not only taught me the importance of hard work and taking advantage of the opportunities that I have here, but also working to better our community for those to come. I am very passionate in a sense to connect lower income students to finding their passions and ultimately finding their career choice in that. There are so many grand opportunities that have opened my eyes to looking past financial difficulties.

Caroline Keel
Animal Assistance Foundation

Caroline Keel is from Colorado Springs and is currently studying Middle East Studies/Arabic at Brigham Young University. She has a passion for languages and international studies and has lived in Germany and Japan. She recently completed an internship with the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Populations, Refugees, and Migrations and hopes to one day work in policy, non-profit work, or government. She is a proud member of the Chickasaw Nation.

Claire Beutler
Rocky Mountain Health Foundation

Hello! My name is Claire, I use she/her pronouns. I am honored to be apart of the 2021 GIV Fellowship. I am passionate about promoting the arts, protecting our environment and advocating for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Eamon White
Gates Family Foundation

Eamon graduated in 2019 from the University of Southern California with a degree in Linguistics and Spanish. He has spent two academic years as an English teaching assistant in Móstoles, Spain. Eamon was raised in Broomfield, CO and in his free time loves to hike, read, play games and bike.

Fischer James Espiritu Argosino

Hello! I am a student athlete in the sport of track and field at the Colorado School of Mines studying mechanical engineering and public affairs. I decided to join the GIV Fellowship because it allows me to work with today's changemakers and gain an intimate understanding of the issues plaguing our neighborhoods. Specifically, I am passionate about learning how our community, business, and governmental leaders are working to bridge the growing opportunity gap between our communities. While the pandemic seems to be winding down with the presence of vaccines in the United States, the long-term global economic effects will be staggering. I hope that by the end of this program, I will have a better understanding of the work that needs to be done and how I can better prepare myself at Mines to do it.

Grace Carrillo
Gary Community Ventures

A college student who loves the arts, understanding different cultures, and trying new things. Also a woman who is inspired to make helping others a career.

Ivan Rojas
Johnson Family Foundation

My name is Ivan Rojas. I like to go on hikes and go to the gym. Helping others in any way has always been a passion of mine. I am an aspiring computer science major and hope my work could change the world.

Jenyfer Soto
Caring for Colorado Foundation

Hi! My name is Jenyfer Soto and I am a 4th year student at CSU! I am majoring in hospitality management with a minor in Spanish. I am originally from Tijuana Mexico but now live in Fort Collins, CO. I feel very strongly about helping out my community and making a change. My loved ones are my everything! My main goal right now is to finish out this degree!

Joel Maestas
AJL Foundation

Hi, my name is Joel. I enjoy gaming and I am excited to help people using the internet.

Lauren Jacobson
Johnson Family Foundation

My name is Lauren Jacobson, I grew up in central Kentucky and made my way to Colorado after college. I currently live in Summit County and love to ski and skateboard! I am very passionate about getting girls into action sports and making outdoor spaces inclusive for everyone. I am so excited to learn about the nonprofit industry and make an impact in local communities across Colorado!

Meha Khanna
Colorado Health Foundation

My name is Meha Khanna and I am a senior at the University of Colorado, Boulder! I am dedicated to racial and social justice as well as diversity and inclusion. I am so excited to make a difference within Colorado through the GIV fellowship and represent the Indian American community in the process.

Melanie Barksdale
Colorado Health Foundation

My name is Melanie Barksdale and I am currently a junior at Colorado College, I’m pursuing a degree in Molecular Biology. I have always had a passion for helping people which is why I’ve done a lot of volunteer work since coming to Colorado, such as volunteering at a hospice and becoming an ESL tutor. I hope to some day apply my passion for helping people into becoming a doctor. When I’m not volunteering or studying I love reading (my favorite book is The Knife of Never Letting Go), finding new music, and watching reality TV shows!

Olivia Langley
Animal Assistance Foundation

Olivia Langley is a 22 year old graduate from The University of Colorado Springs. With a BA in Visual and Performing Arts and a Duel Concentration in Theatre and Dance, Olivia is looking forward to a fulfilling career as a dancer, actress, choreographer, director, and advocate for social and political justice. Olivia is especially excited and honored to be a part of the GIV Fellowship program! Her interest in philantropy was inspired by recent political events - as well as her desire to foster community amongst younger generations for a sustainable and equitable future. She would like to thank her husband Jorge, her family, and her friends for all of their continued support.

Cara Sherpa
Rocky Mountain Health Foundation

Hello! My name is Cara and I currently work as an AmeriCorps Vista at SOS Outreach, a non-profit youth development organization, as their Alumni Relations Liaison. I graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in International Studies with a focus on Economies. My principle of learning and personal drive to develop new skills means continuing to look for challenges to grow professionally. I am excited to be participating in the GIV fellowship to further learn about the philanthropic sector with the Rocky Mountain Health Foundation this fall!

Sabrina Cowan
Kenneth King Foundation

My name is Sabrina Cowan and I am a Behavioral Health Specialist in the psychiatric emergency department at Memorial Hospital Central in Colorado Springs. I graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology in 2019. My future plans are to go to nursing school to become a psychiatric RN. Since high school, I have been passionate about mental health and serving populations who are in need of more support. Since working in the emergency department, I have developed a soft spot in my heart for underrepresented populations such as the homeless and children with traumatic backgrounds who are in foster care or group housing. I hope to provide a different perspective on how to better assist those and similar populations who deserve more resources and respect than they normally receive. I truly believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to improve their lives and create a life worth living. I am incredibly excited to be working with the Kenneth King Foundation through the GIV Fellowship this fall and look forward to learning how to fund underrepresented populations to give them the support they deserve.

Sasha Miller
Kenneth King Foundation

Sasha Miller is an 18 year old recent high school graduate from Boulder, Colorado. She has started attending Arizona State University Online for a degree in Biological Sciences. Her passions lie in helping others, nonprofits, and the outdoors. Outside of work and school, she's often found playing with her dogs, hiking, backpacking, or surfing (when her location allows).

Sierra Romero
Caring for Colorado Foundation

Sierra Romero is a rising senior at Colorado College, studying political science, environmental issues, journalism, and urban studies. She is from Denver Colorado and enjoys painting, reading, and hiking on her spare time.

Tayz Enríquez-Bañuelos
Craig-Scheckman Family Foundation

My name is Tayz Enríquez-Bañuelos a latina artist and explorer raised in Colorado. At a very young age I began volunteering in my very own community in various ways. I seek to continue giving back to communities like mine. I believe in equity and hope to one day provide resources for underrepresented youth. I am thrilled to be awarded this opportunity to grow and network.

Tonara Goldsby
Gates Family Foundation

I am a full time Junior at the University of Northern Colorado and currently studying psychology and ethnic studies. I have a passion for activism and helping those in need and I strive to help better my community.

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