Nonprofit Grant Application

Are you a nonprofit looking for funds? Look no further!

Every year the various YouthBoards conduct a needs assessment of their local community and release a Request for Proposals in the late Fall. Grant Proposals are due February 13, 2017. Download a copy of our RFP here.

 Organizations that serve children and youth for more than one YouthBoard are invited to submit multiple applications.

Your nonprofit must serve children and youth in the following funding priorities:

Sexual/Physical Assault
Sexual Assault in Boulder County is a growing issue, and the standard prevention methods are ineffective. A report from the Daily Camera states that 92% of sexual assault victims at CU Boulder are unreported. Similarly, MESA (Movement to End Sexual Abuse) states that 1 in 17 men in Colorado are sexually abused. This issue will continue to arise if we don’t attack the problems at the root. We are looking to fund nonprofits that help address sexual/physical abuse in Boulder County.
Teen Homelessness

In Boulder County, teen homelessness is a prominent issue. Our board seeks to provide support for homeless teens looking for shelter or necessary resources. According to the Daily Camera, 5% of the homeless community in Boulder are teens, and an additional 17% are young adults. We are hoping to fund nonprofits that are able to give these teens the resources necessary to succeed.

*Geographic Restriction: The Boulder YouthBoard is accepting grant proposals from organizations that benefit children and/or youth in Boulder County by addressing one or more of the above funding priorities.

Access to Higher Education
In the Northern Denver community, students face many barriers trying to access higher education. Of the 75% of students in the Mapleton Public Schools district that graduate, only a third of them go on to post-secondary education. Those who do pursue college often need assistance navigating higher education, but do not know how to reach out for assistance. The North YouthBoard is looking to support nonprofits increasing access to higher education.

Food Deserts
The lack of accessibility to healthy, affordable food in North Denver is a problem that has had significant effects on low-income families. We are looking for organizations that provide access to healthy food options to low-income families and educate about the importance of healthy eating.

An overwhelmingly large percentage of homeless youth identify within the LGBTQIAP+ community. Youth-serving organizations that provide supports, awareness, and mentorship around this issue are encouraged to apply.

Substance Abuse
Due to the recent legalization of marijuana, students on the North YouthBoard have noticed an increase in marijuana use amongst minors. We are looking for organizations dedicated to providing preventative educational resources and rehabilitation services for youth.

*Geographic Restrictions: If your organization serves youth within the following regions: Thornton, Northglenn, Westminster, Adams County, Arvada, Broomfield, or the north half of Jefferson County, your organization is eligible to apply for a grant.

Substance Abuse
Colorado is ranked #2 in the nation among young adults age 12 to 24 for self-admitted, non-medical use of prescription painkillers according to the Colorado Consortium of Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention. The Central YouthBoard seeks to support both preventative and treatment programs to help address substance abuse.

Mental Health Awareness
According to mental health experts, 70% of students who struggle with mental health don’t get treatment. The Central YouthBoard would like to fund mental health supports and awareness.

Educational Opportunity Gap
The achievement gap in Denver Public Schools is larger than the gap in 90% of major US cities. While 48% of white students meet at least 3 out of 4 ACT college benchmarks in Colorado, only 14% of African American students and 18% of Hispanic students meet the same benchmarks (according to Colorado Succeeds.) The Central YouthBoard seeks nonprofits working to close the educational opportunity gap.

*Geographic Restrictions: Non-profits serving youth in the city and county of Denver.

School-to-Prison Pipeline
The South Denver YouthBoard is seeking to address the school-to-prison pipeline by helping keep students out of the justice system for minor offenses. Many students are given harsh punishments for student errors such as arguing with classmates. Nonprofits that help combat the school-to-prison pipeline are encouraged to apply for a grant.

Mental Health
Mental health challenges such as ADHD, depression, and eating disorders are often overlooked but can be debilitating to student success. The problem of students not having access to mental health supports is pervasive in schools.

The South YouthBoard would like to help provide youth with access to healthy meal options. According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 1 in 4 children in Colorado are overweight or obese. Causes of this issue include the price of healthy food options and food deserts.

We would like to ensure access to necessary educational resources to ensure youth are able to succeed academically. Funding for educational resources is insufficient and some youth can’t afford these resources.

*Geographic Restrictions: The South Denver community, including Arapahoe County, Douglas county, and Jefferson County (South of 6th Avenue). We are looking for organizations that benefit children and/or youth within this community.

Please complete the Colorado Common Grant Application and submit a physical copy to the YouthRoots office at 1127 Sherman St, Suite #100, Denver, CO 80203 by 5:00pm on February 13th, 2017. Please also submit an electronic copy to

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